Four Sears and Kmart Stores in Our Area to Close

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MOOSIC -- Some familiar retailers in our area are closing their doors.

Sears, which also owns Kmart, announced the closures of a number of both stores in Pennsylvania, including four in our area.

The news comes as Sears Holdings continues to shut down stores it says are no longer profitable.

The Kmart stores in our area that will be closed include Moosic in Lackawanna County and Shamokin Dam in Snyder County.

Sears stores in State College in Centre County and Muncy in Lycoming County will also close.

Sears Holdings says most of the jobs that will be cut are part-time and those people will receive severance pay while being given the opportunity to apply at other locations.

The Sears and Kmart stores are expected to be closed by late January 2018.

The following 45 Kmart stores and 18 Sears stores will close:

Kmart 7200 Us Highway 431 Albertville AL
Kmart 1214 E Florence Blvd Casa Grande AZ
Kmart 26996 Us Hwy 19 N Clearwater FL
Kmart 6050 Highway 90 Milton FL
Kmart 901 Us 27 North Sebring FL
Kmart 156 Tom Hill Senior Blvd Macon GA
Kmart 144 Virginia Ave South Tifton GA
Kmart 1203 Cleveland Road Dalton GA
Kmart 3101 East 17Th Street Ammon ID
Kmart 1006 N Keller Drive Effingham IL
Kmart 2606 Zion Road Henderson KY
Kmart 230 L Roger Wells Blvd Glasgow KY
Kmart 501 Marsailles Road Versailles KY
Kmart 1300 Us Hwy 127 S Frankfort KY
Kmart 41601 Garfield Road Clinton Twp MI
Kmart 200 Capital Ave Sw Battle Creek MI
Kmart 2125 S Mission Street Mt Pleasant MI
Kmart 1547 Highway 59 South Thief River Falls MN
Kmart 2233 N Westwood Blvd Poplar Bluff MO
Kmart 16200 East Us Hwy 24 Independence MO
Kmart 1400 S Limit Avenue Sedalia MO
Kmart 3901 Lemay Ferry Road St Louis MO
Kmart 1130 Henderson Drive Jacksonville NC
Kmart 1292 Indiana Avenue St. Marys OH
Kmart 14901 Lorain Avenue Cleveland OH
Kmart 2830 Navarre Road Oregon OH
Kmart 4475 Mahoning Ave Austintown OH
Kmart 1249 North High Street Hillsboro OH
Kmart 3382 Birney Plaza Moosic PA
Kmart 2830 Gracy Center Way Moon Township / Coraopolis PA
Kmart 3319 North Susquehanna Trail Shamokin Dam PA
Kmart 22631 Route 68 Clarion PA
Kmart 1815 6 Ave Se Aberdeen SD
Kmart 530 Donelson Pike Nashville TN
Kmart 560 South Jefferson Avenue Cookeville TN
Kmart 1806 N Jackson Street Tullahoma TN
Kmart 4520 W 7 Street Texarkana TX
Kmart 4715 Nine Mile Road Richmond VA
Kmart 300 Towne Centre Drive Abingdon VA
Kmart 3311 Riverside Drive Danville VA
Kmart 2315 Wards Road Lynchburg VA
Kmart 111 Division St North Stevens Point WI
Kmart 800 Grand Central Avenue Vienna WV
Kmart 1287 Winchester Avenue Martinsburg WV
Kmart 301 Beckley Plaza Beckley WV

Sears* 1701 Mcfarland Blvd E Tuscaloosa AL
Sears* 5111 Rogers Avenue Fort Smith AR
Sears* 4201 N Shiloh Drive Fayetteville AR
Sears* Fiesta Mall Mesa AZ
Sears* Greeley Mall Greeley CO
Sears* 8020 Mall Pkwy Lithonia GA
Sears* 1709 Baytree Road Valdosta GA
Sears* Berkshire Mall Lanesboro (Pittsfield) MA
Sears* 7885 Eastern Blvd Baltimore MD
Sears* 1200 Us Rt 22 Phillipsburg NJ
Sears 2999 E College Avenue State College PA
Sears* 300 Lycoming Mall Circle Pennsdale/Muncy PA
Sears* 2334 Oakland Ave Indiana PA
Sears 4000 Sunset Mall San Angelo TX
Sears* 4600 S Medford Dr Lufkin TX
Sears* 754 S State Street Salt Lake Cty UT
Sears* 114 Southpark Circle Colonial Hts VA
Sears 1400 Del Range Blvd Cheyenne WY

*The Sears Auto Center at this store will close in early December 2017. The store itself will close in late January 2018.


  • jeff

    Good riddance Customer Service was terrible, I told you that you cant survive doing business like this, astalavista baby

  • john williams

    ATTENTION KMART SHOPPERS: will the last customer to leave please turn off the lights…………………………………….

  • Givemeabreak

    More and more of these places are going to close because of online shopping. Amazon is killing these stores and just keeps growing.

  • Turdcutter

    Blue Light specials in the Frackville Mall used to mean that the street roamers, priests, altar boys, boy scouts, youth sport coaches, teachers, borough council members, and fire company fellows all met up for a slam-slam rumpus. Anyone know if SEDCO or SKIP sponsored this? SKOOOOOOK

  • Soiled bvds and fire sirens

    I leave just outside Moosic but this doesn’t concern me any. I do all my shopping in the Skook. It’s a drive but I don’t mind. Boili candles, gently used 1985 fire department half shirts and little trinkets made of coal. I’ll probably move down there now seeing as the street roamers are starting to seek shelter in the abandoned, fire trap row houses.

    • longgreysocks

      Sh@T stained penn state gear is hard to find in the skook as well without Kmart. I hoping they put a Goodwill store in in downtown frackville so i can get that along with some good long grey sock and navy blue jogging pants. Fire company halfshirts are a dime a dozen here, i will have no problem finding those.

    • longgreysocks

      If you live in Shenandoah, there is a dollar store on the goldstar highway next to the turkey run hud projects. Thats the only place in the northern skook you really can teddy bears, joggers, grey socks and those sentimental type of coal region items.

  • longgreysocks

    The kmart in the schuylkill mall in Frackville pa had good high sock deals. Very High demand in the greater frackville/shenandoah for those type of socks along with navy blue jogging pants styles from 1988 made the store a hit. Kmart needs to reopen a store in frackville asap!

  • trucker

    A case from Scott township Knick vs Scott township is going before the Unites States Supreme Court and no coverage, zero zilch nada. Instead you cover kmart and some possum. The Carnahan and Ciavarella local media at it’s worst.

  • whatever831

    Hahahaha! I’m sorry, but I’ve been waiting for Kmart in moosic to close its doors for a long time! I literally told my husband last week, that it shouldn’t be much longer and here it is! Problem was ALWAYS the LACK of customer service or genuine customer help! Even with so-called corporate. I’ve been waiting for my $10 gift card for 5+ years. Thanks! If anything, this is a service to our community. And to all those ignorant kids that worked there behind the service desk, I laugh. And how many times did wnep do Black Friday shopping stories for this store. Oh the lines of people when clearly there were 4 individuals waiting to buy crap. I’m sure we’ll see another story on how this will be the last Black Friday for this store lol. Oh I’m so giddy this morning!

    • Johnson Steele

      I’m glad somebody else isn’t afraid to say what I’m thinking. One of my favorite signs I’ve ever seen is, “Some people are alive only because it is illegal to kill them.” I see no shortage of such people on a daily basis. Anyway, good on you for saying what more people need to be told.

  • Bchem

    The ignorance of people is astonishing.Trump/MAGA had NOTHING to do with this.These stores have been going down hill for years. But it is Trumps fault? How pathetic,what about all the ones that closed during the Obama administration?? I guess that was Trumps fault also.And the purely most asinine comment is closing stores for a tax break.Yup,close stores that are making money to save money on taxes and leave open the stores loosing money.Child like thinking.Going to be cloudy today,stupid Trump.If Hillary was president it would be sunny and 80 degrees.Oh wait that would be global warming/cooling/climate change or something.

    • EddieLampertIsScum

      If by making it great again you mean making the rich richer while the employees suffer then I agree. What’s funniest is all the vultures who will swarm down on these stores thinking 10-20% off MSRP is this GREAT deal. Meanwhile I’ve been getting phenomenal deals from these stores for YEARS that put the store closing “deals” to shame just by shopping there and scouting prices. Saw the same in Dickson City when Sears and Kmart closed a year or so apart. People are idiots and the CEO of this company is setting himself up to be the largest creditor owed money by his own companies. Great tax writeoff for him every year. He’s a scumbag and should join Martin Shkreli(drug CEO who gouged on prices) in prison.

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