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Bloomsburg U Students, Neighbors Happy To Hear Charges Filed Against Three Who Abused Oppossum

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BLOOMSBURG -- Three men face charges of disturbing wildlife and unlawful taking of wildlife in Columbia County after troubling pictures were posted on social media.

The photos showed them holding an opossum, kissing it and feeding it beer.

It's believed it happened at a house on East 1st Street in Bloomsburg during an off-campus party sometime over the weekend.

One of the men, Morgan Ehrenzeller, is a student at Bloomsburg University.

One of the people living at that house denied being at the party and told us that Ehrenzeller no longer lives there.

“My roommate got kicked out, no one else in the house was involved with it, you guys can just leave,” he said. “If you want to find him, look him up and find him somewhere else, you're not going to find him here.”

The Pennsylvania Game Commission says the charges carry a fine of up to $1,500 and up to three months in jail.

Some Bloomsburg University students who live near that house and say they are glad to hear charges were filed.

“I actually saw them chasing it up this alley with a bat and I was really, really upset because, personally I think that's wrong to do to any kind of animal, doesn't matter if it's a wildlife, doesn`t matter if it's a dog or a cat, like you shouldn't be doing that,” said senior Kenzi Kemmerer.

“Like we have a cat and my first fear is what happens if he gets out and they're drinking,” said senior Hannah Young.

Newswatch 16 is not showing a photo of the men throwing the opossum in the trash.

It's not known if the animal is still alive.

“It's scary to know that we live next to people that, what if it was our dog, the possum hung out here for a year, my kids named it Pete,” said neighbor Rebecca Shuman. “So to know we live next to someone who could do something so inhumane, it's scary.”

A spokesperson at Bloomsburg University said the Dean of Students' Investigation into Ehrenzeller is wrapping up but could not say more due to federal privacy laws.

The other two men charged in the incident live outside the area.


  • Keepdreaming

    dress those 3 douchbags like a opossum and let them get chase with a herd of drunken human beings and then pick them up by their 8alls and shove piss instead of beer down their throat and then throw them down one of those mine shafts and see how they like it lol

  • Keepdreaming

    not surprised at all with those students at BU. That’s the worst school in the country when it comes to party and doing crazy $hit like that lol

  • formerhusky

    after these students, can the school administration please boot the football coaching staff. I mean seriously losing to Lock Haven last weekend. Come on guys!

  • Peggy Alba

    Pieces of satanic garbage….hope these sewer rats get time in jail…cruel slobs, probably torture their dog too. Rot in jail you pos.

  • Jiffy Jeff

    Stop filming everything and putting it on the friggin’ internet…..they would have gotten away with it…people need to learn to stop advertising on the internet every little thing they do.

    • joe just joe

      Or worse yet. The possum may still be alive and now the public has to be concerned with it moving on to other drugs. Before you know it there’s a possum opiate problem in Bloomsburg thanks to these kids.

    • john williams

      I agree Lloyd, I’m personally looking forward to the coming collapse, and the rebuilding of society, a life without Archie!!!

  • Feed Me More

    and arrest all the crazy drivers who run over poor defenseless animals on the road, hunters who kill defenseless animals with guns and bows, and arrest the worst of all of them, the amish, who abuse their horses daily dragging them around no matter the temp or weather conditions because they are to stubborn/idiotic to get with the times

  • 😋

    Haha don’t you feel tough fatty for abusing a poor animal. Your parents should be proud! To abuse a poor animal you are not right in the head and should get some mental help. I hope you have a great time in jail.. And big Bubba makes you his bitch! 😈

  • DG1959 (@nep1959)

    Myself was totally appalled. We as humans share this land with many critters. They aren’t playtoys, or should never be abused. Leave them alone. The fines,and jail sentence should be very stiff.

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