Tainted Candy Facebook Rumors Spread like Wildfire

NICHOLSON -- Halloween night started with a Monster Mash on Main Street in Nicholson. It ended with rumors around the borough of tainted candy and reports of parents having tingly lips and feeling high after eating Milk Duds.

"Like in any small town, news always travels fast. Good, bad or indifferent," Lisa Mihalina said.

Lisa Mihalina and Tiffany Germana are business owners on Main Street. They organized and hosted the Monster Mash party.

"We wanted to provide a safe and fun environment for the kids without going door to door. I have small children. I don't like to do that. We like to try to get all the kids together and do a community event," Germana said.

Before the women were done cleaning up, posts were being shared on Facebook. The organizers received a call asking where they bought their Halloween candy for the night's Monster Mash event.

"My first reaction after I read the post on Facebook was confident that it didn't come from our event, and then, of course, concern because where did it come from? How did it get there?" Mihalina said.

The Dalton Borough Police Department responds to calls in Nicholson. They say after the first report of tainted candy was posted on Facebook, they got about a half dozen more calls later that night.

"Bad news spreads faster than good. It was very disappointing to see all the bad about our town when we're really trying to revitalize the town and bring people together as a community," Germana said.

The person who originally reported the tainted candy did not specifically blame it on the Monster Mash event. After she posted it, others shared pictures of Mild Duds boxes that seemed to be opened and re-glued.

"I did see the pictures of the Milk Duds boxes. Is it weird? I mean it's concerning, every parent is going to inspect their kids Halloween candy. I did it when my kids were younger. If something looks suspicious you're going to throw it away," Mihalina said.

The Dalton Borough Police Department and the Wyoming County District Attorney's Office both say nothing was found so far, and it appears it may have been just a rumor that spread like wildfire on social media. The Factoryville Fire Co. Station 9 has also deleted their post about it.


  • SorryNotSorry :)

    First of all, it was freezing cold outside, i was numb from walking around all night with the people. When we came inside our lips were tingling. It’s because it was cold outside and you are walking into a heated environment. The heat will make your lips tingle.I call it “Defrosting”. lol. For the person saying Wyoming County is on METH, maybe you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. It’s not like that at all. I have lived here for quite sometime and only ran into a handful of drug addicts. You fin druggies in clarks summit, tunkhannock, SCRANTON, Meshoppen, Montrose, Canada, New york, just about everywhere. There are some, Before you start assuming and accusing take a look around, go out… Get off your butt and go meet people, not everyone in Wyoming county deal or use drugs. For the idiots passing around the rumor, you should act more like parents and adults and stop scaring people an making people feel bad or nervous. Not fair to those kids who probably had their Halloween ruined because parents were nervous and throwing their candy out. Instead of passing rumors around on FACEBOOK you should post positive things and be a good role model for your children.

  • Shane

    Skook mothers who Dont work and local teachers who stuck around Da skook simply love facebook. Post, post post. 100 pictures a day with filters on. Sharing nonsense and fake news. I know the area is boring and a gutter and all, but seriously stop and grow up.

  • exactly 57 card-carrying members of the United Russia party in the Department of Defence at this time

    Tomorrow’s abc ‘news’ headlines:
    Mueller investigation indicts former Trump advisor for tainting Halloween candy in Nicholson
    Senator bin Toomey introduces new Russia sanctions bill over tainted Milk Duds
    Senator Graham says Tomahawk missile bombardment of Iranian Milk Duds factory would not be an act of war

  • Loyde Spankmycrankski

    Ally Gallo always does such a great in depth report. Love to watch her in a new outfit every night. You go girl. Fashion queen of 16. Put Stacy Lang to shame.😇😀😁😢😈

  • Taco Salad

    The same population susceptible to believing tainted candy posts were targeted by Russia on social media.
    Don’t be those people.

  • I give up!

    The “tingly lips and feeling high” sensation was from you Wyoming county dirtballs doing bathsalts and meth before you headed out the door to collect your free goodies.

  • Paranoia self destroya

    Here’s a researchable fact for all. Only one time ever was candy poisoned in the US during Halloween. It happened during 1974 in Houston. A father poisoned his own son’s giant Pixie stix with cyanide to collect a $10,000 insurance policy. This country needs to get a grip. And Facebook should be banned from ALL citizens except the Skuylkill county mothers. If they didn’t have Facebook they would kill themselves while their husband was at work.

    • warningfakenews

      The correct quote is that “The love of money is the root of all evil”. Money itself is but a tool. As with any tool, it can be used for good or evil.

      • JstAGuy

        Yeah, except for that thing called reality. Just because something is technically possible, doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. Hence, social media. The downside of which was totally ignored in the interest of greed and profits. Now that the novelty is over, we’re seeing that social media is now society’s cesspool and those responsible want to claim plausible deniability and abandon ship.

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