Miss Pennsylvania USA Delivers Inspirational Speech at ESU

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- A university in Monroe County got a visit from Miss Pennsylvania USA.

Elena Laquatra isn't your typical beauty queen.

Laquatra, who won the Miss Pennsylvania USA title in 2016, lost her hearing to meningitis when she was young.

She spoke to about 100 people at East Stroudsburg University about the struggles she faced growing up and how she was determined to overcome them, including at her job as a reporter and anchor with WJET in Erie.

"I knew in my heart what I wanted from a young age, and that's how I was able to do it," she said.

East Stroudsburg's language club hosted the free event.


  • warningfakenews

    Teal Sherer who played Venom on The Guild and starred in her own show, My Gimpy Life, did an episode about the word ‘inspirational’ when it was used by others as a compliment to her character. It was repeated again and again.

    Her point was that society thinks they are being kind and loving calling someone who happens to have a disability ‘inspirational’ is really conveying an insult to them. What society is really suggesting is that they value the person’s disability (and their overcoming it) more than the person.

    Yeah, that’s probably a controversial topic, but think about it for a moment. If you were to be treated that way all the time, wouldn’t it seem strange that no one was truly interested in the SPIRITUAL BEING of YOU?

    People with disabilities are people first and foremost. They have them, they aren’t defined by them.

    • warningfakenews

      It’s a web series, BTW, My Gimpy Life Ep.3 is the one I am talking about. You know where to find it.

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