Former State Treasurer Barbara Hafer Sentenced for Lying to Feds

HARRISBURG -- A former state treasurer was sentenced to three years on probation and a $50,000 fine for lying to federal agents.

Barbara Hafer, 73, pleaded guilty in June to the charges connected to an investigation into pay-to-play activity.

Hafer lied to the feds about taking money from a long-time campaign donor to help her consulting business after she left office.

Hafer was the Pennsylvania Treasurer from 1997 to 2005.


  • here we go again...

    Wow, that’s it? She channeled $675,000 into her own firm and has to pay a $50,000 fine? Where’s that 50 grand coming from? Probably a withdraw from her pension that we paid for. She still made out with $625,000. Not bad. I guess crime DOES pay. And just 3 years probation? What’s a 73 year old woman gonna do? Become book keeper of a local fire company and skim money off of bingo games? I’d be smiling too. Only in Pennsylvania!

  • Think Positive

    Can’t trust anybody. On top of being penalized for their actual crime, there should also be some kind of penalty for these kinds of criminals causing people to lose trust and faith in human dignity, which has unspoken and underestimated societal consequences in itself.

  • Tony P.

    Not a bad deal. Steal $650,000 and fined $50,000. I’ll take that anytime. No wonder Pennsylvania is considered the most corrupt state in the country.

    • E

      No. Lackawanna County followed by Luzerne County are the two most corrupt counties in the United States. Do not try to drag the rest of us down to your low class, white trash level. You people are so pathetic, it happens everywhere, it happens everywhere! Ha ha! No, no it doesn’t. That is what trash tries to convince themselves so they can feel better about being trash that is stuck in a decaying slum. Ha ha!

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