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Billion Dollar Business to Put its Headquarters on Public Square, Add 300 Jobs

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WILKES-BARRE -- A billion dollar business is putting its headquarters on Public Square in Wilkes-Barre.

The insurance company Berkshire Hathaway Guard could have created its new national headquarters anywhere in the country, but the company chose to stay here and expand.

Berkshire Hathaway Guard announced Wednesday it is moving into the 10-story Wilkes-Barre Center building and adding 300 new jobs. Nearby businesses are ecstatic about the news.

With more than 700 employees on Public Square at Berkshire Hathaway Guard’s new headquarters, deli workers at Circles on the Square said they are excited about the new customer base.

“If they're expanding now and they keep expanding it's only going to bring more people downtown to work and be our customers,” Circles employee Bill Scholl said.

Currently, the insurance company has a spot on South River Street in Wilkes-Barre but the business bought a largely vacant 10-story tower on Public Square. It will be keeping the nearly 450 people already employed at Guard and adding about 300 new jobs in marketing, information management, and accounting.

“Now, when folks say there's nothing here in northeastern Pennsylvania all they have to do is look, one of the best businessmen in the history of the world, Warren Buffett said Wilkes-Barre is good enough and we want to plant our corporate flag in Wilkes-Barre,” Democratic State Senator representing the 14th district John Yudichak said.

Guard Insurance has been a fixture in Wilkes-Barre for years. Berkshire Hathaway bought it in 2012.

Right now, Guard’s operations here deal mostly with workers compensation cases. The new headquarters will handle many other financial operations.

The announcement was made on a rainy day in the city.

“It might be dark and gloomy and rainy outside but its the sunniest day Wilkes-Barre has ever had,” Mayor Tony George said.

Restaurant workers are already changing their lunch practices to get ready for the new customers.

“We're giving them their own menu. Making it up just for them, we're talking about catering to them daily... This only means good things for Rodano's and Franklin's as a business,” Head Cook at Franklin’s Bar and Grill Sean Carr said.

The state is kicking in two million dollars to bring the Berkshire Hathaway Guard headquarters to Wilkes-Barre.

The insurance company will move into the tower on Public Square in 2018.


  • adam thomas

    if i got transferred to Wilkes barre from almost anywhere in the united states I would quit. The only new employees will be new grads who will get experience in finance for a few years and move out of this dump!


    The Only reason any company moves to another location or expands anymore is because of deals funded by us the taxpayers.
    It doesn’t matter if it’s a 2 million deal or property tax breaks, we pay the expansion and then they pull out when another town sweetens the deal.

  • Eric Barton

    Yudichak acts like Berkshire Hathaway itself is leaving Omaha for Wilkes Barre. This is just one of the many companies owned by Berkshire Hathaway and its only moving from one part of Wilkes Barre to another.

    • You Spent 3 Years in School at most

      Perhaps you should reread the article? Or reread the first two sentences? The company is ALREADY in Wilkes-Barre! They are just moving to a new building.

  • McCracken

    LOL; Wilkes-Barre is “good enough”. I really want to locate my business in a mediocre locale. Yudichak is such a putz.

  • El Ma

    Apparently our State is attempting to wine and dine major corporations to set up shop, here, and it’s because of State mismanagement that we’re all in the hole that we’re in.

    TWO MILLION BUCKS is a lot of money – it could feed many, many seniors. It’s lunacy.

    • McCracken

      I don’t think you understand economics. Those employees will pay state and local taxes, spend money at local businesses, buy or rent locally, etc. Two million dollars is not a bad deal, when they could pick up and relocate anywhere. There is also, most likely, a long term commitment attach to that tax break.

      • El Ma

        I don’t understand economics, at all, and I will own that. I do, however, know that deals are made to be broken and there is always something in the offing when it comes to politically motivated contracts.

      • Jack Kerouac

        I’m so glad that there are folks out there who 1). understand reality and 2). have some level of education and intelligence. McCracken–my hat is off to you for posting one of the most intelligent and meaningful comments.

    • OzzyCoop

      Hundreds of jobs and income from taxes and additional downtown business is coming to Wilkes-Barre and you morons are still complaining. Who cares why or how they are doing it.

  • warningfakenews

    “The state is kicking in two million dollars to bring the Berkshire Hathaway Guard headquarters to Wilkes-Barre.”

    I thought Warren Buffet claimed (complained) he doesn’t pay ENOUGH taxes!

    Why are we giving him anything? He WANTS to PAY more…

    or does he?

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