Arson, Homicide Suspect Charged with Third Boy’s Death

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LAFLIN -- The man accused of setting a fire that killed three boys in Luzerne County is now charged with a third count of homicide.

Preston Bonnett appeared at a magistrate's office in Plains Township Wednesday afternoon.

The man from Wilkes-Barre is now facing three counts of homicide after the death of 7-year-old Ezekiel Major after the little boy died this weekend at a hospital. His two older brothers, Erik Dupree, 16, and Devon Major, 12, didn't make it out of their burning home in Laflin last week.

Bonnett has already been charged with the deaths of the other two boys as well as with staring the fire.


    • Marvin

      You obviously have no clue to how the 911 system works and who gets dispatched and when. Fire response protocols normally do not include PSP as an initial responding unit. They are only contacted if the Fire Chief requests it if they suspect arson. So go back to mommy’s basement and take another bong hit.

      • Get a clue

        They ALWAYS get called in during possible fire entrapment calls when there is no other covering police force. It’s a matter of getting the quickest help there as possible. Unless of course they’re too busy trying to catch that violent speeder.

  • El Ma

    What about the mother in all of this? She hasn’t been mentioned except in very vague references.

    Those poor kids didn’t deserve such a fate and I only hope that this POS gets the justice that he deserves.

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