Italian Market Planned for Marketplace

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SCRANTON -- Tristan Hebron of Scranton walks through the Marketplace at Steamtown's food court area a few times a week and wonders when the revamped space will open.

"I just can't wait to see it come to fruition," Hebron said.

The old food court will be called Scranton Public Market and will be home to food and craft vendors.

"That would add a little bit of character to this mall that's desperately needing it," Hebron added.

One of the public market's biggest spaces will house a longtime pizza business from Lackawanna County.

Basilico's Pizzeria in Dickson City will open a second location at Steamtown with a second purpose. It will be both a pizza restaurant and an Italian market.

"That's something different, and we all like pizza around here, so I think it will be a good addition," said Christine Patrick of Newton Township, who was visiting the Marketplace at Steamtown Tuesday afternoon.

Basilico's owner, Peter Montana, told Newswatch 16 he has been wanting to open up a place downtown for years. He thought the public market and the changing mall was the right place.

People visit the Marketplace at Steamtown for many new and different reasons these days, such as a college campus, a gym and soon to be a doctor's office. The way Montana sees it, they all have to eat.

"Doesn't matter if they're there getting blood work or they're there buying sneakers," he said.

Basilico's plans to open in December. Officials from the Marketplace at Steamtown told Newswatch 16 to expect other vendors at the Public Market by the holiday season.

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  • El Ma

    By calling this space an “Italian Marketplace,” isn’t that racist? What about a Lithuanian, Belgian, or Norwegian Marketplace?

    I find it fascinating that we can use ethnic labels for “positive” things but calling someone, “black,” or, “stupid,” might be considered fascist. Fascinating.

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