Governor Wolf Signs Gambling Expansion Bill into Law

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HARRISBURG -- You'll soon be able to gamble at a lot more places in Pennsylvania.

Governor Wolf signed the gambling expansion into law on Monday.

The new law calls for video game terminals at truck stops and the creation of 10 satellite slot machine locations.

It also regulates fantasy sports betting and allows internet gambling.

The gambling expansion was passed to help the state dig out of its $2 billion budget hole.


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  • Tony George Anthony Napolitano Jr.

    So are they going to allow slots at OTW/OTB sites or is the state trying to kill horse racing?

  • Marissaburkefan4life

    Let’s do away with state grants and solve the budget that way. Can’t have these yocals throwing money away on some project they want accomplished to pad their resume or to do someone a favor for silence on their indiscretions.

    • potsmoker

      Which makes it’s own problems of higher welfare and crime / vagrancy as CO and CA have discovered , on top of the dumb accidents / actions of potheads . Legalization is no answer .

  • Card shark

    Can fire companies have slots and table games along with those strapping lads drinking beer and downing Miller’s hot bologna? These firemen are hot hot hot


    Schuylkill county needs more truck stops. This will drive the lot lizard market and will give more opps to young women instead of posting on facebook all day. Also the skook likes to gamble. Put a truck stop with a bar at the schuylkill mall it will be a hit!

    • Huggy

      Pa is turning around. Just look at all the millennials flocking to Pottsville. As a matter of fact, Schuylkill County flat out rules! Get those pierogies boiling. Consumers are coming to town!

      • steviez

        The only way this will work in Frackville. Is If they serve the same food as the mountain city diner did for 35 years. That place was the greasiest spoon east of the Mississippi.

      • davissadusky

        I really like Gordon, its quaint, real good looking people there and good leadership. I am thinking of building a house there soon at this place called rattling run, its truly a step above ashland, shenandoah and mahanoy city.

      • Tony George Anthony Napolitano Jr.

        Schuylkill County wasted it’s money on crappy 1400 dollar a piece digital 2 way radios instead of buying a 140 dollar analog radio.

  • SMDH

    How sad—to feed the unions, pension funds, and government giveaways (notice I didn’t say “entitlements”), the Commonwealth of PA is going to expand a vice that has hurt untold thousands of families. They should privatize the entire state and get rid of all of the “guvment” bureaucracy that is choking Pennsylvania and supporting a growing class of dependents. The opioid addiction problem isn’t enough so let’s just expand gambling addiction, too. Amazing—and they wonder why things don’t ever get any better.

    • joe

      Exactly how do you privatize a state?
      I can’t wait to hear your answer, it going to be a doozy.
      And exactly how are the “the unions, pension funds & govt giveaways involved?

      • potsmoker

        Joe are you daft ? The sale of liquor stores , Toll roads , Obama care , gambling , state inspection on cars , are a few examples of inside scams for organized crime . On top of that is mass fees everyone is paying for overgrown govt corruption.

  • Paul

    it’s only a matter of time until we start hearing gambling addiction over Opioid addiction. and who is going to fix their problems? The state of course.

  • warningfakenews

    Apparently they’re intent on milking this source until it runs dry. Well, I guess the main thing they’re concerned about is getting their cut. Look for another enforcement action happening soon gathering up all the (‘for amusement only’, wink wink.) machines from convenience stores and bars that have proliferated the area once again.

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