Gamblers React to Expanding Pennsylvania Gambling Laws

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PARADISE TOWNSHIP -- On Monday, Governor Tom Wolf signed off on legislation that will expand gambling laws in Pennsylvania, giving bettors an early holiday present.

Gambling will now be legal in places like airports and truck stops. The new bill will also legalize online gambling, making Pennsylvania the fourth state to allow betting online.

"It doesn't bother me," Edward Yarmel of the Scranton area said. "If I was at a truck stop, I probably would gamble. I'm not going to go out of my way to do it. The only thing I also think they should have is legalized betting on football games. It's everywhere anyway. Why not let the state make a little revenue on it?"

While some gamblers are in favor of the expansion, others, who even come to casinos like Mount Airy, still don't think the expansion of gambling laws in the state is a good idea.

"I don't think it's a good idea, but I have a lot of friends who do think it's a good idea because it will help get rid of the deficit," Star Vaneckout of Blakeslee said. "I'd rather just come to the casino itself. It's safer. I think it's safer. Going to truck stops, a lot of stuff could happen there."

Lawmakers expect the new gambling laws to generate at least $200 million every year, to will help cut down on the state's $2 billion deficit.

Existing casinos will also be able to bid for licenses in order to open up satellite casinos.


  • The Circus

    Sure would like to know how they think this well help the deficit ? Rendell promised property taxes would be abolished when he pleaded for gambling in the beginning and all the money did was fun new big mass transit projects in the ghettos of Pennsylvania and most of the money no one knows how it’s spent once it’s wasted by being placed in the General fund just like the gas taxes taking from the landowners in the Marcellus shale! This deficit problem is the direct result of government overspending and you can’t fix a spending problem by throwing money at it! I don’t understand how a government can spend more then they take in? I as a business owner would be bankrupt or in jail if I were writing checks and making promises I couldn’t back. It’s time to vote this jeep driving clown out of town!

    • Robert

      Yea, but you can buy votes. Wouldn’t it be interesting If I could demonstrate in front of a judge (successfully) how my creditors will eventually get their money. Since my current budget demonstrates a structural deficit that I have decided to include income over a infinite number of years even though my annual income is only 1 dollar my debts will be paid eventually therefore they should loan me more money! Your honor this is a clear case of heavy-handedness by my creditors and a discriminatory practice that we must abolish from the face of the earth!

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