Couple Wants Safety Measures Along Dangerous Highway After Pedestrians Killed

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WOODWARD TOWNSHIP -- Traffic zips along Route 220 in Woodward Township just west of Williamsport.

Dave and Julie Williams know all too well how dangerous this stretch of highway can be; they live just off of it.

“The daily interactions out here in the intersection where you see people going the wrong way, trying to get out,” said Dave. “Last week alone there were three vehicle accidents that I witnessed myself that never make the news.”

Now, they are calling for safety measures to be taken after two people were recently hit and killed while walking on this highway.

State police say Patricia Warner of Williamsport died while trying to cross Route 220 Monday night.

And last Wednesday, investigators say Robert Brunner of Lock Haven died after being hit by both an SUV and a minivan while he was standing or walking along that highway.

“I was just heartbroken to hear there was another loss of life,” said Julie.

The Willamses say with new businesses popping up on Route 220, traffic will only increase and more cars will be turning onto and off of the highway.

“There's a new Dunkin Donuts, we're standing in a new Sheetz, a new Muncy Bank right over here, a new Red Wing store, Erie Materials, multiple trucks in and out every day,” said Dave.

“People are not going 55 miles per hour, they're going more like 65 and there's just so much coming and going on this section of highway from here to the Woodwood Township Fire Hall,” said Julie.

In September of last year, there were two deadly crashes in 24 hours of each other on this same stretch of Route 220.

The Williamses want traffic lights installed at the intersections on Route 220, calling it a life or death issue in their community.

“Yes, it's very concerning,” said Dave. “It's our loved ones. We travel this every day to come to work, to go to work, our children, our grandchildren.”

PennDOT says at this point there are no plans to install traffic lights along Route 220.


  • venustechnologynetwork

    If slowing down traffic is the solution can anyone explain to me why the same stretch of highway between Lock Haven and Jersey Shore is 10MPH faster but has less than 10% of the fatal accidents that this stretch does? It’s called limited access rocket scientists, I guess that debunks the idiotic suggestions that installing traffic lights or slowing traffic down will fix the problem.

  • jim

    comes down to it,they will have to put up traffic lights to control these idiots on this stretch of road,been here my whole life was against sheetz and dunkin doughnuts built here without a red light at pine run rd,ever since the gas workers from out of state moved in its gotten 5x worse!people will do what ever they can get away with without no one to enforce the laws,the psp are strapped in with williamsport police because of such bad drug area now ,you only see them out when quotas arent met or relaxed times.there is a school bus every day in am and 4pm or so every day,a lady passed me like 80mph couple months ago had to slam on her brakes in left lane skid to stop for traffic ,i said slow the hell down she said f-u i got a gun i will shoot you,and took off again ,tells you ther mentality of the drivers on this road!

  • III%

    How about PSP actually doing their jobs instead of driving down the road over the posted speed limit and talking on their cell phone

  • DailyCommuter

    I can’t even imagine the traffic backups on that road during the morning and afternoon commutes if there were even one traffic light, let alone more than one.

    • jim

      let me guess your a person that gets to work at last minute ,drives 90 mph to get to work,so leaving earlier giving you more time is out!

      • venustechnologynetwork

        Jim Let me guess, you’re one of those beer drinking yuppies that refuses to listen to statistical data. Like for example, the same stretch of highway that runs between Lock Haven and Jersey Shore has 90% less accidents with a speed limit posted 10MPH higher than the stretch that has all the accidents. According to you that must be impossible?

  • seen it all

    OK , How about a sign saying no pedestrians ? As if people who run out in traffic can read . Ever wonder why you could afford to live there , maybe the high traffic duh. complain alll you want . 1 people can’t be taught to drive properly 2 people get doped and drive/ cross roads 3 there’s too many people – Darwin take over .

    • G

      The problem with bringing Darwin into this is that people in cars driving too fast, or on their phones, kill innocent people in other cars, not just themselves. Also, they aren’t just concerned for themselves. They’re concerned for everyone who drives there. I don’t think you caught on to the desperation they feel seeing so many horrible accidents, involving people they don’t even know.

      • seen it all

        Seen it too many times , always a couple years/ more deaths before road is reconstructed , no one thinks to put a signal in before hand ( required to approve building permit ) or entrances limited and to not allow cross traffic turns or limit development to start .

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