16 Salutes: Sunbury Volunteer Rhonda Fisher

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SUNBURY -- If you walk down Market Street in Sunbury on certain afternoons, you might see a woman named Rhonda.

Even though most folks already know who she is. Rhonda Fisher of Beaver Springs hands out "blessing bags" in Sunbury.

But why would Rhonda spend her day handing things out to people?

"There are people all around who could just use a gentle hug, a gentle smile," she explained.

Rhonda Fisher's mission in life is to help others. Growing up, she did not have a loving family, so she wants to give as much love as possible. Rhonda volunteers at least five days a week.

"She's a very good woman who the good Lord sent. What else can I say? She's a wonderful person," said Howard Shuey.

Every two weeks, Rhonda travels to Harrisburg, by herself, with a small grill so she can feed the homeless.

"I was just down there two weeks ago and I went through 120-some hot dogs."

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Rhonda gives the homeless blessing bags and fellowship.

"I know in my heart that I'm where I'm supposed to be at that particular time."

People in this area know Rhonda for the annual Thanksgiving dinner she hosts in Sunbury. For the last 18 years, Rhonda has organized and held the community Thanksgiving dinner.

She saw a need for it when she owned a restaurant in Sunbury. Over the years, Rhonda's Thanksgiving dinner has grown.

"We started out serving 97 people."

Last year, Rhonda served more than 800.

"She is a very willing and giving person for as long as I've known her," said Donna Rubendall, president of Sunbury's River Front Apartments. "90 percent of the people here at the highrise get (Thanksgiving dinner) off of Rhonda."

Rhonda gets a lot of donations for her Thanksgiving dinner. Sometimes people from Rhonda's church give her money to do her other missions, but it's mostly just her.

"Things that I haven't used in a while I'll gather them together until I have enough to take to auction. I'll sell that off and I'll put it in a container. That's my mission fund," Rhonda said.

Rhonda Fisher has dedicated her life to helping others.

"We all have choices. My choice is to rise above all the hate and the arguing and the bickering in the world. I just try to rise above all of that and show love and kindness."


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