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Students Spruce-Up Snow Plows for Safety

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DUNMORE -- There will be some colorful additions to PennDOT plows once the snow hits. A new program challenges students to paint plows to increase awareness on how dangerous they can be while out on the roads.

Subjects ranged from the abstract to a soaring eagle and, of course, school pride -- all painted and represented on snow plows at a garage in Dunmore. This is part of PennDOT's first "Paint the Plow" program in our area.

"It's a good way for us to promote safety for those who are driving by and see the message but also for the students themselves to have a very active role in helping promote safety throughout the region," said PennDOT official James May.

Six schools from our area started painting their unique ideas as school started and are vying for their chance to win as the fan favorite.

"I helped another snow plow, but it wasn't anything as big as the PennDOT one," said Blue Ridge junior Micah Mullen.

Mullen aspires to be a tattoo artist one day and says painting a plow was a unique opportunity.

"All I have done is do drawings on canvas, so getting to go outside was a challenging act, something new for me," she said.

At Susquehanna Community High School, the students made an abstract design.

Art students said when their art teacher brought up painting a plow, it took a little time getting used to.

"It's kind of the craziest thing, like, we usually do realistic kind of art," said Jordan King.  "We usually paint animals and portraits."

The plow that receives the most votes through October 31 will win fan favorite.

Students at participating schools were asked to paint a PennDOT snow plow with a winter and/or safety motif. Vote for...

Posted by Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) on Monday, October 23, 2017


    • Stop Snowflakes

      What are you talking about? First off, PA roads have steadily improved over the last 2 years. Have you driven anywhere lately? Sure, city roads like Wilkes-Barre or Scranton are terrible, but state roads are MUCH better. Secondly, how much do you think PennDOT is paying these children? Snow plows need to be re-painted frequently to prevent corrosion. This is a great way to get free labor to do it at the cost of a little more colorful paints.

      tl;dr: Don’t be such a snowflake. Use that spongey thing between your ears for more than just ranting about her emails.

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