Storm Results in Flooding, Closed Roadways in Bradford County

BRADFORD COUNTY -- The steady rainstorm that lingered over our area resulted in flooding and closed roadways, making the morning commute for some difficult.

On the banks of the Towanda Creek in the Canton area, the water level was noticeably high Monday morning. The current was moving swiftly.

Several roads were affected in Bradford County, including North Center Street in Canton Township. PennDOT tells Newswatch 16 that the road will be closed for the next few days.

"We had a set of twin pipes. The water washed away all the material between the pipe and the road," Shane Vull of PennDOT said. "Now we're going to have to excavate and replace it with a new pipe. It's going to be closed probably three or four days. We have to wait for the calls to come back and the emergency permit."

Just over a mile away, Springbrook Drive was flooded. Parts of the road were closed off after getting pounded with rain. Canton Pro Building Supply tells us that they narrowly avoided disaster.

" Kind of scary actually," owner Jim Segur said. "We had 8-9 inches of rain that I had in my rain gauge. The bridge here was one lane right over it, so as soon as that water comes over it, we're in devastation. So we did clear out lumber and stuff along the creek and prepared a little bit for it on Sunday because they were calling for more rain."

PennDOT also tells Newswatch 16 that flooding happens often along Springbrook Drive.

"The road and the stream is right next to each other, so it's a common occurrence that when we get any duration of rain, it'll come up over the road and we'll have to close it for a short period of time before it goes back down," Vull added.