Pair Charged with Bank Fraud and Mail Theft

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WILKES-BARRE — Two people from Wilkes-Barre are charged with fraud and mail theft.

Investigators say Michael Mejia, 20, and Niskauri Dejesus-Toribio, 19, stole mail in Luzerne and Carbon counties earlier this year and deposited checks found in the stolen mail into their own bank accounts.

The two were indicted by a federal grand jury in August for conspiring to commit bank fraud and mail theft.

The alleged crimes took place between May and August of 2017. Prosecutors said the pair took mail from public mailboxes.


  • Dave M

    Yes and there sending there best keep em coming will keep feeding these criminals fatten them up and make soil and green then we could feed the world it’s a fine idea!

  • Jamal Stevens

    Didnt the tellers at thier bank find it suspicious they kept depositing checks made out to other people into thier bank accounts?

    • warningfakenews

      Maybe, but I’ve yet to have an ATM try and stop me from depositing a check I endorsed along with the payee. There are plenty of times this happens for legitimate reasons.

      Depositing stolen checks in your own account probably isn’t the brightest move a criminal can make..

    • Jorge

      They probably signed the name on the check and then signed their name below it. PRetty stupid if they thought they could get away with it.

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