Free Driver Training for Veterans, Families at Monroe County Campus

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POCONO TOWNSHIP -- A community college in the Poconos is offering free commercial truck driving classes to veterans and their families at Northampton Community College Monroe campus near Tannersville.

The free job training course for veterans and their families was made possible by a grant from the United States Department of Transportation.

Mark Kelly from Kunkletown has been spending the last few weeks at Northampton Community College near Tannersville learning how to drive a big rig.

Because his father is a veteran, his tuition came at no cost. It's all part of a free job training program for veterans and their families being offered at the college.

"You drive a lot. First couple of weeks was in class, then you come down to the range and start driving every day and practice some skills," Kelly said.

An almost $140,000 grant from the United State Department of Transportation has allowed the community college to offer free commercial truck driver training to current and former members of the military, National Guard, and Reserves.

The grant covers full tuition which is usually $4,200.

"This is awesome that we can help them and get them trained and out into the work world making a livable wage," driver training director Tina Frindt said.

For the first time this year, the program is opened to adult children of veterans. At Northampton Community College, about 10 students have already signed up.

Day classes run five days a week for six weeks. Night classes run six days a week for eight weeks.

"It's great," said Kelly. "You get a new start and established after you've done a service."

"I think one of the things we hadn't done for a long time was take care of our veterans, and through this grant, we can do that and for 40 individuals which is awesome," Frindt added.

There are still 30 open spaces available.

However, the program is only open to those military families who live in certain counties.

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  • Michelle

    America’s veterans should be honored because they have helped to keep freedom in our country. Without them we would have lost many important wars which have effected our freedom and quality of life. They have kept our country strong and full of pride.
    I honestly think they were very brave for being on the front lines of our wars and battles. They are courageous for putting their lives in danger to protect our rights, freedom and quality of life. They were great soldiers because they chose to sacrifice their lives for those of us back home.
    They fought to keep us safe in our own country and feel safe on our own property. They fought so we can go through life without the risk of losing our life or the lives of our family members and friends.
    Veterans are the bravest people in our nation. They have earned our support and should be honored for their sacrifices. They loved their country so much they put aside their own personal need to make a difference in our country’s freedom and power. That is why we should honor our veterans. They risked their lives so we, Americans, could live in a better country.
    Thanks to everyone that honors and helps Veterans as well as their family!
    God Bless America!!!

  • Mr. Papageorgio

    What a bunch of crap. Regular people get screwed while vets families get free stuff. Like olĂ© Trump said “they knew what they were getting into”. They shouldn’t get anything special. Free health care free this, free that, discounts for nearly everything. If they were worried about money they should have picked a different career that pays.

  • les

    No thanks. For the low wages a trucker earns, the hours they work, the harassment by the police, dealing with other idiots on the road – until they pay truckers much more I would stay away from this job.

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