Former Schoolhouse to be Moved in Monroe County

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HAMILTON TOWNSHIP -- For as long as Phyllis Kirschner can remember, the Bell Schoolhouse has sat next to her family's farmland in Hamilton Township.

But by next year, the one-room school will be moved to Stroud Township.

"My whole family for generations went to school here. My mother and her seven siblings went to school here and I just don't want it moved. I think it will take away from the integrity of this historical building," said Phyllis Kirschner, Hamilton Township.

The Monroe County Historical Association currently maintains the building.

Because of its location and lack of visitors, the association decided to give it up.

Members offered it to Stroud Township only after Hamilton Township officials turned it down.

"A lot of people don't drive by unless you live in the valley, Cherry Valley, you probably don't even know what that building is for or was for, but we can bring that to light a little better," said Ed Cramer, Stroud Township Supervisor.

The Bell School has been here for more than 200 years and the plan is to move it just a couple miles down the road, but people who have family ties to this place don't want to see that happen.

The schoolhouse will be relocated to Josie Porter Farm, less than five miles from where it sits now.

Jack Muehlhan lives in Hamilton Township and fears the move will damage the infrastructure.

"It's just a wonderful local treasure, with a lot of local history and the people of Hamilton Township don't want to give it up," said Jack Muehlhan, Hamilton Township.

Stroud Township officials are currently looking for a contractor to move the schoolhouse.

The plan is to have it in its new location next spring.