Fire Damages Double-Block Home in Shenandoah

WEST MAHANOY TOWNSHIP --  A fire damaged a home in Schuylkill County early Monday morning.

Flames sparked at a double block home on Ohio Avenue near Shenandoah just after 2 a.m.

The side where the fire started is vacant. The other is being renovated.

A firefighter burned his hand but is expected to be okay.

A state police fire marshal is investigating the cause of the fire here in Schuylkill County.


    • Mountain city lover

      Those really smart people on borough councils and school boards in the skook are probably going to figure out a way to redistribute the slam-slam heat from the roamers. After they finish talking about kids in uniforms, skook having so much potential, Wendy’s coming to the mall parking lot, and which guy has the tightest butt

  • Firefighter4firefighters

    Does anyone know if Goodwill Hose Co 43 responded to this fire? They have some incredibly odd members riding those trucks. Real cute faces. I noticed that when the trucks roll out, there’s always one fellow that stays behind at the station. What does the guy wearing the long socks do in there when everyone is away?


    another beautiful blighted row home has met its demise in the northern skook. Really lovely area.i hope this aint street roamers acting out. I love how some young 20-30 girls in skook meet the first older guy they could at a dumpy bar and buy a overpriced house here and post 100 pictures daily on facebook for validity. Delusional!

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