Woman Killed After Being Hit by Vehicle in Lycoming County

WOODWARD TOWNSHIP -- A pedestrian was killed crossing a busy highway in Lycoming County.

State police identified the victim as Patricia Warner, 59, of Williamsport.

Troopers said Warner was crossing Route 220 in Woodward Township near Williamsport around 6:30 p.m. Monday when she was hit by a driver.

She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Part of Route 220 was shut down for hours while crews cleared the crash scene.

That highway is back open at this time.


  • III%

    Chalk 50% of this up to the attitude of some drivers just because your no longer employed by a gas company and your truck has a 4″ lift and plastic testicules hanging off the bumper doesn’t mean your the biggest bully on the road and just because you think your important and the speed limit doesn’t pertain to you and the other 50% is pulling your head out of your ass while either driving or a pedestrian

  • Darnell

    My money is on stupidity why anyone would want to be crossing that road! If not stupidity then it’s suicide

      • Feed Me More

        i was taught as a kid to look both ways when crossing a road, so im going to say its not the drivers fault that people keep wandering into the middle of the road in front of them. maybe its drugs, maybe its suicide, who knows, but dont cross the street without making sure its safe to cross, common sense can go a long way

      • Jay

        ^@ feed me more: Yes and noDepends on the location and the situation. If it’s a high volume traffic crossing with pedestrian controls and pedestrian is crossing legally only to be hit by an inattentive driver making a left or right hand turn , then there’s almost nothing a pedestrian can do to avoid this and the driver is at fault. But in most other situations i would tend to agree with you.

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