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Man Sentenced for Crash That Killed Marine

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MONTROSE -- A man will serve four years probation for a deadly crash in Susquehanna County that killed a Marine.

Arlan Taft was sentenced last week.

He pleaded guilty last month to two counts of reckless endangerment.

Taft was driving a water truck in 2015 near Springville. When he lost control and hit a vehicle driven by Staff Sergeant Andrew Stevens.

The 27-year-old Marine was killed.

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  • Amanda (Stevens) Novitch

    This had nothing to do with being a Marine. If it had just reported that he was a son, brother, husband, father and uncle, would you be quiet so negative? Take away the fact that he served this country for 9 1/2 years, was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, and did more for his country and family in his 27 short years than most people even think of doing, and you still have a man who tragically lost his life. He got no more or less media attention had he not “just been a Marine”. Believe me, this is not the way my brother should have received attention. And, I ask you, had it been your family member, would you be so biting in your comments? I think not.

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