Pickup Slams into Dialysis Center in Luzerne County, Damages Gas Line

UPDATE MONDAY -- The dialysis center re-opened for regular business hours Monday. Some patients were rerouted to outlying clinics, according to a clinical manager. The driver was cited for damaging the building.

PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- Patients needed to be moved from a dialysis center in Luzerne County after a pickup truck crashed into the building and hit a natural gas line.

The crash happened around 3 a.m. Sunday at Fresenius Kidney Care on Laird Street in Plains Township.

The dialysis center serves about 90 patients a day. Many of them will have to get treatment somewhere else while the building is being repaired.

"We started contacting some patients and they're going to other clinics in the area to be treated today so they don't have to come in tomorrow and take some of the load off them tomorrow in case we're behind on some of the repairs," said Rob Haas, director of operations at Fresenius Kidney Care.

The pickup damaged offices and the break room of the dialysis center.


  • Trevor W. Frith

    Another right foot pedal error, part of the right foot braking epidemic? But let’s make sure we blame the driver, especially if they are a women or old (over 40!). Never blame the guys in charge of driver legislation and training who set the driver up to fail. They forced this driver to brake an automatic transmission vehicle with only the right foot. They did this knowing they had 0 Scientific Justification and that right foot braking is too complicated and difficult to mentally maintain with age, inefficient (poor reaction time) and dangerous (subject to right foot pedal error) compared to the simpler and safer (But girly!) left foot braking method. See DOT HS 811 597, 812 058and 812 431. NHTSA refuses to use the term “right foot pedal errors” but instead calls it “pedal misapplication” and always blames the drivers for not being experts. Score to date, 150,000 dead (7 Every Day), millions injured, and billions in costs. The price male drivers, both in and out of government, are prepared to pay to maintain their systemic belief in a braking method based on the scientific foundation of, “That’s the way it’s always been taught”! This is not about which braking method is safer but rather why they refuse to scientifically compare the two methods and continue to produce misinformation about other proposed braking methods. Was it driver error or the way we taught them to brake?

  • Offensive

    The drive thru isnt opening until next fall. unless this was the start of the demo. in that case, classy move. #WhoPutThisBuildingThere #GPSsaidGoLeft #NotMYFault #JustAnotherTruckInTheWall #Mr.PickupTruckTearDownThisWall #HulkSmash

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