Bloomsburg University Faculty Member Protests Student Organization

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BLOOMSBURG -- According to Bloomsburg University, a faculty member has started a protest in response to a student organization they believe is associated with white supremacy.

Signs that say "BU Turning Point," "White Supremacy," and "Alt-right" are posted in a window of the Bakeless Center on the campus of Bloomsburg University.

"I don't know why people are putting up signs like that," student Alexander Scheel said.

Newswatch 16 spoke to students who are in the dark as to why anyone would post these messages. Some even thought the signs were in support of white nationalism.

"That really offends me to see that because there are so many people that are hurt by that and have spent years and decades and centuries being hurt by that," student Alexis Ritter said.

Just like the students, we wanted to know why the signs are there, so we contacted the university. According to a university spokesperson, a faculty member put the signs up to protest a student organization on campus called Turning Point USA.

Turning Point USA is a national organization. Its website says its mission is to, "build the most organized, active, and powerful conservative grassroots activist network on college campuses across the country."

Bloomsburg University's spokesperson says the faculty member believes the organization is a front for white supremacy and that the signs are not in support of white supremacy, instead, they're against it.

Students we spoke to haven't noticed any racial hatred.

"I've never seen any hate here on Bloomsburg's campus," Scheel said. "I'm surprised there's a sign like that up."

Bloomsburg University will be reviewing the faculty member's concerns and the student organization. Newswatch 16 reached out to the campus' chapter of Turning Point USA. The group said they were unaware of the signs.


  • adalagarzi


    Just because someone has a PHD doesn’t mean they’re smart. Keep that in mind folks. A place of higher learning condemning someone for certain political views? If you’re so confident that their beliefs are wrong, then why not try to convince them instead of demonize them?

  • Student

    Sounds like we will get more support from the local community now with alt right groups on campus. I wish I was kidding, but many of our stakeholders demonize our university for being a liberal haven yet I know some who will relish the a scenario where we have alt right groups on campus.

  • Mike

    Who in their right mind would send their kid to a University just to be indoctrinated. Spend the money on a small business and be guaranteed employment.

  • Ricky Bobby

    Singling people out for their beliefs that go against the current liberal idealism is so very akin to nazi idealism isnt it? Interesting how the new definition of LIBERAL perfectly aligns with the definition of FACISM.

  • Writer Girl

    Go away, professor! I thank God I’m not in college nowadays, with these liberal nuts! Just because someone doesn’t think like you, doesn’t mean they are evil. Besides, if it wasn’t for the alt-left, and their agenda to wipe out white, traditional America as we know it, there wouldn’t be any “alt-right.” How do you like them apples?

    • Ricky Bobby

      The free exchange of ideas has been funneled into a blind man’s bluff. College students are not learning skills or trades. They are learning rhetoric and how to be professional victims. I am so glad that I grew up when I did. This ‘current year’ horse plop is tedious and a hundred percent misdirection. And everyone is falling for it.

    • get real

      Universities are “liberal” institutions by design, irrespective of any one’s politics. But then again you clearly don’t know what “liberal” means — look it up. Oops! Too much work to actually learn the meaning of what you mindlessly spew. Ignorance sure as hell may be bliss, but it sure as hell also embarrasses you and makes you a poster child for the Fox News sheep and as such powerless to change someone’s point of view. In fact, you galvanize your detractors.

      • Lloyd Schmucatelli

        Spoken like a true liberal.

        You see fool, the definition of liberal has changed from what it used to be. Just like you liberals like to change and redefine everything.
        Kind of like saying a man is a woman because he thinks he is.

      • get real

        Well Lloyd, I was right. You clearly can’t be bothered to educate yourself on the meaning of the words you use. Too bad — you’ll never convince anyone of anything if you don’t learn to use the tools at your disposal. Oh yeah, I forgot — you can always just call people “libtards” and “snowflakes”! That always is incredibly convincing!

      • Lloyd Schmucatelli

        You must also understand that there are literal and figurative definitions to words as well.

        The literal definition of a liberal would be someone of progressive thought and hopeful for change. Among other things. The root definition of a liberal and what they used to stand for is not bad.

        What they have become, :) my friend, is an altogether different (figurative) definition of the word.

        What we usually see here are the snowflake and libtard figurative definitions of liberals.

        Do you want me to keep going and totally own you, so you can call me the default racist, bigot, misogynistic, sexist pig like us conservatives “ALL MUST BE”?

        Or donyou want me to stop while I’m ahead?

        I haven’t even brushed my rotten redneck teeth or had my coffee or kicked the dog yet, so I’m barely getting started.

      • Get real

        Sorry Lloyd you are banging on the wrong pot. Liberal means one thing in the context of education. In fact most smaller colleges are by definition “liberal arts colleges” …..It is not me who calls people names because the name callers are those who can’t form a sound argument (or any at all) and after repeating the sound bite they memorized from fox or Limbaugh they are down to spitballs…. By the way, glad to hear you brush your teeth!

      • Lloyd Schmucatelli

        So we can add a 3rd definition to “liberal”. I didn’t bring liberal into the conversation in regards to the colleges being “liberal arts” schools, but more about the figurative snowflake cesspools that many have become.

        PS: don’t watch fox and can’t stand Limbaugh.

      • Lloyd Schmucatelli

        Before we go any further down the road of semantics, all I can say is that today’s liberal wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes in the presence of the men of my grandfathers generation before getting knocked the PHUK out.

        Those are the liberals I’m referring. The lost ones. The ones without roots.

        So I have to ask myself, do I side with the steadfastness of my grandfathers generation or the easily swayed wishywashiness of the man can be a woman and a woman can be a man generation of today?

        Easy choice!

        So define on as you wish my friend. I live in the truth.

      • Lloyd Schmucatelli

        What’s even more amazing than you attempting to undermine mine position by arguing definitions is the fact that after 8 years of that POS in the White House that we just got through, people still think that the liberal train of thought is a good idea.

        Now that’s FN scary!

      • Ricky Bobby

        The definition of liberal has undergone a 180° change and it is insanity. Where is this Patriarchy? What is hate speech? In order for me to fit into our current society, I have to say that I agree with things that go against my personal morals and ethics. If I mention either word of morals or ethics, then I am labeled a fascist or racist or bigot.

        This is how its going. There is NOTHING LIBERAL about shouting down someone who disagrees and labeling them as bigots or racists or fascists just because there is a disagreement in beliefs. I cannot yell FIRE in a cafeteria but I am guaranteed the Right to say what I believe. THAT RIGHT is being threatened by the new version of liberal.

        Today’s version of liberal is the core of fascism and bigotry and racism and NEPOTISM. And college students are being taught to be VICTIMS instead of productive members of our society by these LIBERAL institutions.

  • Tommygunn

    The entire university Should protest the football coaching staff. Losing to 1-7 Lockhaven is unacceptable.

      • tommygunn

        As a Bloomsburg MBA graduate and former football player! I do. Football is Blooms pride and joy and the team is playing like a d3 pushover.

      • Ricky Bobby

        football has lost its appeal finally and THANK GOD. Now maybe that funding can be spent on other more important things.

        And to put a point to it > NO institution that accepts Federal support has any business encouraging students into subversive behaviors. To protest is one thing but to disallow other people from speaking or rallying is a violation of the First Amendment and therefore an act of sedition. These college professors are JUST PROFESSORS and they want to make their IMPRINT upon the world by espousing violent responses to hurt feelings. These behaviors only help to whittle down the population.

        So you can have your football enema any time you like.

      • El Ma

        TOMMYGUNN, you sure don’t type like an MBA graduate. So, you at that used car lot down the road, then? Take a knee, indeed.

    • adalagarzi

      I had to read that post at least 5 times Tommy. I thought to myself “Nobody would be that idiotic to prioritize a sport over the think-tanks of liberal universities, would they? Nobody would pass up providing a solution for our social climate in favor of a sport, would they?”

      The only other “Tommy” I know is the one down the street that has to wear a helmet all the time. You wouldn’t happen to be that “Tommy” would you?

  • Silverfish Imperetrix

    The bolsheviks are trying to shut down opposition to their dream for a communist America by yelling ‘racist’ again. It’s no wonder they want to erase American history first, then history in general next, so nobody remembers what happened in Russia in 1917.

    “The goal of socialism is communism.”
    –Vladimir Lenin

    • john williams

      Basically what George Orwell said, thoughtcrime will be persecuted and you can control the future by erasing the past.

      • El Ma

        LOOK IN THE MIRROR, you idiot. This liberal bullshirt has been going on for the past 5 years, and it’s just now beginning to get violent and ugly. Nobody is allowed to speak their minds unless they parrot the alt-right slogans.

        Your mirror is cracked, I’m afraid. That’s why your view on the world is so skewed.

  • Jeff Woehrle

    Yet, liberal viewpoints are encouraged.

    Part of the swamp that needs to be drained is in college faculty.

    • get real

      Of course, “liberal” viewpoints are encouraged! That is the whole point of an educational institution (as opposed say to indoctrination facilities like Jerry Fallwell’s, Oral Robert’s or Scientology’s seedy operations.) Read the definition of “liberal” in the context of the critical analysis of information and the formation of ideas that are dynamic and fluid. I hold many traditionally “conservative” views but I will always strive to arrive at them by liberal means. Liberalism allows you to pick the best fish bait based on the observation of the results of many anglers as opposed to the angler who stubbornly decides what to use just because he’s always done it that way even though he never caught much fish.

      • Jeff Woehrle

        You seem to miss the point.
        My comment was in response to the faculty DISCOURAGING Conservative viewpoints.
        Today’s educational institutions have become breeding ground for liberalism, which is at the expense of Conservative views.
        Censorship appears to be the liberal response to the threat of Conservative ideas. And that is hardly educational.

      • incognito

        How can you have “critical analysis of information and the formation of ideas that are dynamic and fluid” when any thought outside the liberal/socialist/commie teachings is cut off and met with ridicule, hate and of late even violence?

    • Look in the Mirror

      Looks like trump’s treasonous cesspool will start getting pumped out today. Soon the adults will be back in charge of the WH day care center.

    • Look in the Mirror

      And how many evolutionary biologists do you think are on the faculty of Oral Roberts or Liberty Baptist? While I am fully supportive of free speech everywhere, hateful, violence inciting speach is not protected as conceded by the SCOTUS. Schools have the right to ban this regardless of the speaker’s politics . (That is absolutely different from points of view that are simply controversial) I hope you would agree that a leader of ISIS giving a speech talking about how Christians and Jews are animals and must be immediately exterminated is not protected in public places.

      Moreover with respect to faculty, all public universities have policies that students can freely oppose faculty points of view. There have been recent high-profile cases of faculty firings by those who have either not upheld that policy or made posts on public media that were outside of protected speech. Moreover there is no room for the « free speech » of science faculty that teach e.g the world is flat and the only elements are earth, wind and fire.
      Finally it is essential that schools at all levels encourage a liberal approach in the sense of promoting the critical analysis of information by students when forming (or changing) their opinions.

  • warningfakenews

    What’s really interesting is how much less time it takes today to turn a kid from a liberal into a staunch conservative. A few months of seeing how small the paycheck is, and how much is just handed to people who don’t work is pretty much all it takes.

    That speeds up even more if the kid realizes that someone who got here illegally and is enjoying those benefits also just took their job, and they had to train them how to do it.

    • get real

      Really? First of all, I’ve never heard of a college educated person having their job “stolen” by an “illegal”. Never. That is what is called a “red herring”. “Illegals” are not teaching in schools, doing investment banking, working at scientific companies running laboratories etc. They are cleaning trumps saddam hussien-like golden toilets, tending to his palaces’ gardens, picking produce for 12 hours a day and building the third and fourth vacation homes for the 1% billionaires whose share of taxes are paid by you and me. Get real.

      • wwjd

        OK Fake News.As usual, your retort has no information.– just typical angry old white guy “get off my lawn” snark. Prove me wrong on my comment.

      • warningfakenews

        Engineers in the semiconductor industry, as an example. Look it up. Just because you are unaware of something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

        How many usernames do you have, anyhow?

      • Ricky Bobby

        get real you HAVE to be of any other origin than caucasian because only a hetero white male is a minority in the work place anymore. Thanks to Affirmative Action a single pregnant black woman can be promoted BEFORE the hetero white male EVEN THOUGH that woman has only 4 months experience and a weak employment record.

        All a person has to do is to claim that they arent being hired because they are gay or black or lesbian or anything else and that person will be hired to AVOID A STUPID LAW SUIT.

  • John Stevens

    Liberal politics on a college campus…imagine that. They should fire the faculty member that was responsible for that.

    • Ricky Bobby

      It is on college campuses where these ideals have been sprouted. I heard the mother of a college graduate mention something about The Patriarchy and nearly threw up. These are outrageous, baseless, and machinated ideals that are being instilled to incite a civil war. If you are not with them, you are agin them and the alt-left will soon be burning crosses on people’s lawns, as well. Both sides are batshit crazy and I’m going to sit back with my popcorn and watch it all unfold.

  • Smh

    This far left and far right stuff is getting out of hand. As long as both of these ideas exist, no man will ever be seen as equal.

    • Lloyd schmucatelli

      That’s because no men ARE EQUAL!

      That’s the problem. Men are not equal. Stop trying to force equality.

  • joemama80

    It’s wrong to tell someone they can’t do something because of their race. Whoever posted the signs should be dismissed and branded an intolerant racist. If the college keeps them employed there they are enabling racism.

  • wwjd

    Do you have any concept of what it is to be hated just because of how you were born through no fault of your own? To be hunted and sent to slavery or concentration camps just because of your name or skin color or your parent’s religious beliefs? Can you just for a minute think of the suffering of families killed and torn apart for nothing more than hatred and greed? Mothers crying for their children. Mother’s tears. Your own mother crying for such human cruelty? Not even for even a minute can you picture this? For 10 seconds? What is so much more important than the suffering of people just trying to find their way in the world? A bigger TV? A bigger truck with rims that have LED lights on them? What is it that will truly make your life so much better? New rims on your truck will eventually rust, but the satisfaction of making someone smile will last a lifetime.

    • Ricky Bobby

      Oh, stop it. Nobody has been hunted down in this country for nearly a century.

      The First Amendment applies to all citizens, not just the people who feel offended. There is no legal definition of hate speech in this country, and I hope there never is. We are the last bastion of free speech on the planet as all other nations have knuckled under the pressures of the MINORITIES that case the most trouble. In other countries, a person can be imprisoned if they utter something that another person disagrees with, or dislikes. I do NOT want to live under that kind of oppression.

      The alt-left would have us down on all fours and barking like dogs if they had their ways, and “liberalism” has become the neo-fascism order of the day. If people disagree with a liberalist’s view or stance, they are called, “NAZI,” or “PIGS!” and those epithets are the hallmarks of FASCISM.

      Who’s the greatest bigot in our nation, today? That would be a leftist democrat. Wake up, people – ALL people and not one race. Everything that we hold to be sacred in this nation is now under siege and being held ransom.

    • Ricky Bobby

      Oh, and yes I do know what it’s like to be hated for my heritage. I was branded a Nazi in 1966 when my classmates learned that my family emigrated from Germany. I was called a murderer of Jews and many other foul things, and nobody stood up for me, including my teachers. I had to learn to let it go and toughen up. We have an entire generation that is so witless and directionless that I will be amazed if mankind survives another 100 years.

    • wwjd

      OK Ricky-Bobby. First I’m sorry you suffered those insults. I really am. You endured that knowing you were a decent person and those hurling those insults weren’t interested in taking the time to learn about your good character. They just came to hate you merely because of your background. I would hope that experience might lead you to consider that about others. Yes, there exists scumbags of every color, race, gender etc. But how about for just a day we try listening to our mind’s inner conversation when we go to the market and see a black man or a woman wearing a headscarf or someone speaking Spanish and listen to our inner grumblings. And maybe just try and stop and say, hey that person is like me when I was hated back then just because of my background. Maybe instead of grumbling, just give a smile and say “good morning” or hold a door. The scum out there is still scum — no doubt. But maybe the good folks of all the groups can come together, even just a little, to make this place a better place for our kids.

    • Ricky Bobby

      wwjd, do you NOT understand the YOUR First Amendment Right is being threatened, regardless of what you believe people should consider? I may not like what another person believes or says, but they are guaranteed the Right to maintain stupid beliefs in this country. I have BEEN in the shoes of others and empathy doesnt change human nature.

      Civil discourse involves progressive dialogue and an exchange of ideas. It does NOT involve sending busloads of antagonists and urban terrorists to permitted events to SQUELCH those people’s Rights to free speech. Progressive thinking does NOT involve telling me what I need to believe or think. It is an exchange of personal experiences that are based upon FACTS not FEELINGS.

      I don’t see a whole lot of neo Nazis running around waving swaztika flags and demanding that the aryan race be preserved. I see a scant few full blown alt right crazies that are being baited into violence by HIRED urban terrorist mercenaries like antifa and blm.

      In the middle you have people who are tired of it all. They are tired of the rhetoric. They are tired of their hard work being insufficient to live well and not rich but ‘well.’ People are tired of having people tell them about their genders, their identities, their medications, their ancestors being slaves, and on and on and on. They are tired of having to PAY to watch their favorite football teams on television and NOT be able to afford to go to a stadium and have those high paid players TAKE A FUGGING KNEE for injustice and oppression!!! People in the middle are sick of it all and that is precisely how our president was elected.

      All of this is going as planned and every one of the people out there that support EITHER SIDE of this false coin are perpetuating hatred and intolerance and bigotry. LIBERAL does not mean what it once did. Free exchange of ideas and civil discourse is in the gutter along with all of our values and morals and ethics.

      Stand down and keep your hollow apology for my experiences. I GREW from them instead of using them to play the role of Professional Victim and weenie whine about injustice and oppression.

    • El Ma

      WWJD, do you honestly believe that everyone who is moderately conservative harbors those kinds of beliefs? I don’t get all wormy when I see a black man or woman. I typically greet them as I would anyone else. I don’t hold people of different ethnic origin to be suspect with one exception, and I’m not going to go into that in this discussion. This discussion is about every citizen of this Nation being protected under the First Amendment.

      That’s it. That’s all. And, it’s getting to be a frightening place when people feel forced to accept views that they disagree with to avoid being targeted, unduly. It is (bold, italic, underline) like 1930’s Germany when people who didn’t agree with the politics were disappeared. Give that some thought. For just a minute. Why not.

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