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Wedded Bliss for One of WNEP’s Own

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BLOOMSBURG -- A beaming bride on Saturday was our very own Kristina Papa.

Kristina married Joel Dunn in Bloomsburg Saturday afternoon.

It was a lovely ceremony at The Barn at Boone’s Dam.

We want to wish Kristina and Joel many years of wedded bliss.



  • Buster

    Is that Mayor Kane from Ashland doing the wedding vows? Very accomplished fellow: sherrif’s deputy, DARE, mayor, naughty Facebook messenger, and now a marriage officiant. Schuylkill County is proud of that one


    Does anyone know if they are gonna settle down in Schuylkill County. Theres some nice how homes in Shenandoah AMD mAHANOY city for sale. Also Frackville and Ashland have some thriving downtown’s, The mall in frackville looks pretty good for shopping. Millennials are flocking to pottsville for the awesome farmers market downtown and to drink yuengling quarts.

    • Dbarker

      I really like it here in Schuylkill County. The row homes are so plentiful and you have so many choices for what high school sports you want to peep out. The people here really look the other way while troubled youths run around all over the place. Lots of horny people walking the streets or just lurking on the corners. We welcome more millennials to buy this cheap housing while working the high paying jobs distribution centers provide. Thanks SEDCO!

  • banananas

    I wish them the best. The editor of this story pointing out the worst photo’s doesn’t however. For a satellite of ABC, you’d think that there would be some professional quality stuff for one of their own given their $60,000+ cameras and highly trained staff? Some people have taken better photo’s with flip phones while bears are attacking them. I’m just noticing it while not trying to author an insinuation. If you are going to celebrate with co-workers? Do it right and don’t invite them if they know your pay grade. Let’s NOT see the honeymoon photo’s while the rest of us drink our ‘Haterade’. Welcome to the modern world that we create together. Titles, titties, and titillation. But you can only pick one.

    • 💋

      Haha not at all sweetie! I’m sure you saw people that you didn’t think were to good looking. But with her … Her mom should of just sucked her dads Dick. She is UGLY! 🤥👌

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