Third Boy Dies Following Fire

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LAFLIN -- A deadly fire Wednesday in Luzerne County has claimed the life of a third boy, according to state police.

The deaths of two boys have already been ruled homicides following the fire at a home on Oakwood Drive in Laflin. Investigators say the fire was intentionally set.

Saturday evening, troopers said a third boy, Ezekiel Major, 8, died.

Major was taken to a hospital in Philadelphia in critical condition following that fire in Luzerne County.

An autopsy is planned to determine his cause of death.


  • SAD

    Can we hope the mother comprehends and accepts responsibility for the part she played in the deaths of her children? Her bad choices cost them their lives. Sad when the children are more responsible than their parents!

      • Ken Lopez

        “Kenny turns around and hits you with that ‘henessy dick.’ the next Polak here to shatter your bladder. I prefer them fatter than skinnier. Glen Lyon mami’s screaming aye, Kenny!” -Biggie . Great point, Yuiki. My men’s pull all the women around here. and, the “polish prince” from glen lyon gets shafted. Brothers have it good in the valley …..this is such a tragic event though. RIP to those poor children

    • Malcom

      I don’t think you can you use the term mother in this or any other similar case. A real true mother wouldn’t put their children in these situations. Only a worthless pile of slug slime would.

  • Georgetown citizen

    Heartbreaking news to see this morning. My heart can’t help but hurt for these boys. I did not know them but still feel this empty sadness. Having 2 children I can’t help but imagine how scared they must have been. Leaning on each other, no mother there to comfort them. Knowing this person who hurt them was someone their own mother let into their lives. What a horrible terrible tragedy. Rest in piece you poor innocent angels

    As for the waste of life who did this, the anger we all seem to have is unimaginable. Burn him, hang him, torture him if need be. Sitting in jail, still being able to breath, eat, laugh with his fellow Dirtbag homies seems unfair and unjust. I think there are a lot of people in this valley who would gladly douse him in gas and light the match without batting an eye. It’s what he deserves.

  • Clarissa

    I still haven’t heard where the mother is. She apparently wasn’t home before or during the fire. Is she dead or alive? Did she actually live there with the children? I’m not being judgemental, I’m just genuinely curious why nobody has mentioned her at all.

  • Snarf snarf

    Hey NOT FUNNY, before you bust Yuiki’s balls, maybe you’d like to research Mr. Stokes comment from lastnight when he threatened Lloyd Shmucatelli. Get a life you fn loser!

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