Two Dozen New U.S. Citizens Participate In Naturalization Ceremony In Scranton

SCRANTON  -- Our country welcomed two dozen new citizens today from 14 countries in a naturalization ceremony at the federal courthouse in Scranton.

But with the current political climate our country faces, did any of them have second thoughts?

Inside the courtroom at the federal courthouse in Scranton, 24 people from 14 different countries took the oath of citizenship and officially became new citizens of the United States of America.

“This is something that I get it for the rest of my life, it`s something unique, something that now belongs to me,” said Elisa Gomez Caccavelli. “I got it. We did it and I have to enjoy every day.”

For sisters Elisa and Lisbeth, they came from the Dominican Republic a decade ago.

“We had the opportunity to come here and we established our family here and yeah, it`s been working out quite well,” said Lisbeth Gomez Garcia.

Winston Sweeney is from Jamaica.

“It`s like freedom, as they say, it`s feeling great,” said Winston Sweeney. “This country is a country of opportunity so I`m going to do, I`m going to do the best I can just to make a positive influence in my community and in the country.”

Aram Hosseinpour came from Iran with his wife and daughter.

“I know I have rights and responsibilities and I will do my best to be a good citizen,” said Hosseinpour.

All here have been in this country long enough to be aware of the current political climate and how it`s become a divided America.

Some admitted to having doubts.

“A little nervous because I want to invite my mother coming here and I know there is some ban over there,” said Hosseinpour.

“It`s really concerning. You never know what`s going to happen but we have to stay positive, hopefully, things can turn for the best,” said Sweeney.

Along with their certificate of citizenship, each new member of our country received a voter registration form.


  • look in the miror

    In 2016 the six Americans who won Nobel Prizes in Chemistry, Physics and Medicine were ALL IMMIGRANTS. ALL. End of story.

    • Tonto

      In reality, ANY American who has ever won a Nobel Prize (except a native American Indian) could be considered an immigrant.

      • banananas

        So… in your understanding. Anybody that figures out how to build a ship to travel thousands of Nautical miles is the “Devil”? But, selling your own people and family members to more powerful slave traders is the best? “The Jeffersons” theme song plays and then skips on vinyl “Moving on up, and hanging out in the chow line”. We’re all pretty damn lucky to be Americans. At least we have wheels and a reasonable mathematical scale now. Those who concentrate on past failures are destined to fail themselves or bring others down that surround them, May you all learn something today. I hope those tired eyes are done after the work you’ve accomplished and take pride in. A welfare state is no way to live in this life while pitty leads to sacrificial nonsense that will doom us all. Best of luck, if you need it.

  • Sue

    WTH. They went through all the legal steps to become citizens just like everyone else’s ancestor except the Native Americans who were here first dumb ass

  • banananas

    Why are these comments jacked up like the hard cider is in season? I’d have to offer a round of applause to these people that actually took the steps necessary to become actual citizens instead of the “No, your rules don’t apply to me because I snuck in and took advantage of your rights”. Not a fan of how drama is found in something that should be a joyous occasion either. WNEP did a 75% good job on this until they mentioned division to stir the pot. That is what gets views I guess? When my ancestors came here they risked everything and were hated or taken advantage of by those that already populated the area during the coal boom. They obviously suffered more than modern standards would allow for these new citizens. But I do not carry hate for them if they jumped through the legal hoops instead of just jumping the border with an instilled criminal mentality. If you want perfection? You’ll be waiting a while…

      • banananas

        SMFH. Please do your part to also stir the pot of civil unrest in our great country. Then continue to like your own comment immediately after posting it to fluff up your feathers. You must be a great and seasoned Peacock under those terms. For the rest of you, can we please just revert to listening to System of a Down’s “Prison Song” and realize what we are really up against?

      • El Ma

        You’ll do yourself a favor if you ignore SMHF and all of its many, many ID’s that it uses to up-vote its own comments, down-vote anyone else’s comments, takes open discussion as an intellectual threat, and even comments on its OWN posts (to the contrary) just to incite attention and irritation. It has issues.

    • Rurbanite

      Not all our ancestors came here “legally” by today’s standards. Those standards are much much tougher today, and newcomers are just as reviled, and just as persecuted as my own grandparents.

      • get real

        This is absolutely true. Passports and visas were only required after 1941. Your Polish, Czech, Italian, Irish etc ancestors came here with only the expectation of being let in.

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