Shooting After Struggle with Fish and Boat Commission Officer Ruled Justified

PLYMOUTH TOWNSHIP -- On Tuesday, a Fish and Boat Commission officer shot and killed a man on the banks of the Susquehanna River near West Nanticoke.

Friday, the Luzerne County district attorney shared with Newswatch 16 that officer's account of what happened and ruled the shooting justified.

Sean Bohinski, 37, of Nanticoke was killed. An autopsy found that he was shot three times during a struggle with the Fish and Boat Commission officer. The officer's name has still not been released.

The officer told investigators he spotted Bohinski on the river bank, burning the insulation off copper wire.

Bohinski was using a machete to stir the fire.

The officer thought the copper wire might be stolen, so he asked to frisk Bohinski. During the pat down, the officer says Bohinski punched him in the face and took off into the water. The two struggled in the water.

The officer says Bohinski hit him a few times with a rock and then knocked the officer's pepper spray from his hand. It was then that the officer took out his gun and fired the three shots.

The officer's radio was waterlogged from the struggle, so he was unable to call for help until he made it back to his patrol car.

The district attorney's report also said that Sean Bohinski had outstanding warrants with the Dallas Township police department for fleeing and eluding and had a history of running from police.

The Fish and Boat Commission officer has been released from the hospital.


  • Grow Up

    I’m sure you’re going to sway a lot of opinions with your eloquent use of that term. You appear to be just another loser who’s spent a lot of quality time experiencing the justice system.

  • I love NEPA Jukes

    The fact that you call cops/law enforcement “pigs” pretty much tells me everything I need to know as to what kind of person you are. We will keep a bed at the prison open for you…I’m sure you’ll be needing it.

  • joe

    A Game warden can legally enter your house without a search warrant IF you are suspected of violating a fish/game law, such as poaching.
    No other law enforcement agency has THAT much power to act in that manner without a warrant.

  • Robert

    Probable cause is still required Larry. Read up on your rights! Casual contact is not probable cause. Probable cause is reasonable suspicion a crime is or has been committed. A officer CANNOT frisk everybody legally stopped under ‘Terry’. Officer safety alone is not a reason to stop and frisk. The officer must also be able to articulate why officer safety was an issue. GET IT RIGH LARRY and stop posting BS!

    • concerned commuter

      If you read the article it stated that he asked the guy if he could frisk him. If you give your permission there is no problem. Once you give permission that’s it.

  • Future news

    And in other news, Nanticoke City Police reported a decrease in the number of copper theft reports for the month of November.

  • Bums lives matter

    So you have a problem with someone defending themselves, but you’re OK with thieves that are also dead-beat fathers beating someone to death with a rock and trying to drown them? Got it. Thanks for showing your colors. Can’t wait until they say the copper was stolen, and more stolen items were found at his. Flop-house.

  • Bums lives matter

    Let’s say I show up at your house at 2 in the morning wearing an ‘It’ mask. Somehow I make my way inside – you wake up and come at me with a bat. I defend myself with a fireplace poker and manage to get a few hits in before you land a fatal blow to end things. You’re an upstanding citizen in the community, have never had complaints against you, and say you acted to defend yourself and your family. Turns out I have a rap sheet and a history of wearing masks during home invasions. But, since you’re against fast one-sided testimonies, you’ve got no problem being put on trial and sitting I jail while the proceedings go on for months, right?


      Like the guy that’s dead left a trail of destruction as described in this scenario you conjured up.

      Another rent a cop chimes in.

  • concerned commuter

    You’d be totally surprised by what a game officer or a fish and waterways officer can search and when he can search it. They don’t even have to obey no trespassing signs unless they are next to your house. Their jurisdiction is the entire state and they can enforce all laws of the state and federal gov. For those that don’t think they have any authority, might be a good time to look up just what they do have.

    • Bums lives matter

      I don’t know about the dumbest of the month, Yuiki is pretty dumb. Archie hasn’t been around, I was hoping to hear his take on this shooting since law enforcement was involved.

  • concerned commuter

    If you actually read the article you would have seen that the officer ASKED if he could frisk him. If you are asked and give consent then you can be frisked. No problem, no lawsuit.

  • Givemeabreak

    You’re right we will all just sit here and do nothing but post comments behind our little computers changing the world one comment at a time. We are truly noble.


      Them is those that loot and pillage out their own communities and only leave works boots to start the fires.

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