DA Once Again Files Manslaughter Charges Against PSU Fraternity Brothers

CENTRE COUNTY -- The Centre County District Attorney has once again filed manslaughter and assault charges against eight brothers from the Penn State fraternity where a pledge died.

Those charged, including Gary Dibileo Jr. of Scranton, had their most serious charges dismissed by a district magistrate.

Now, those eight Beta Theta Pi brothers are again charged with involuntary manslaughter, simple assault and aggravated assault for the death of Timothy Piazza after a night of drinking in February.

Seven other Beta Theta Pi brothers are heading to trial on lesser charges.


    • sammyb

      Poor ray gracar, who was a very good Da, up there couldn’t get to file charges on the later convicted assistant coach. Psu is a scam !! glad they lost. We are fraud!

  • Manny Mansfield

    These stupid, dumb kids from well-to-do families (probably suffering from “affluenza”, thanks to their stupid parents), left this young man TO DIE at the bottom of the stairs in a frat house!?! WHY??? Because they were all drunk and didn’t want anybody to get in trouble!!! And these young men and their families that are showing up at court acting like these murderous young men are the real victims!?! COME ON!!! All any one of these idiots had to do was call 911 to save the life of Timothy and then deal with simple underage drinking charges or whatever; that could have been very easily cleared up! I applaud the DA for reentering the charges!!! They did make a mistake, they put their own reputation for self-serving reasons ahead of Timothy Piazza’s life! Well, whatever comes out of this, in memory and honor of Timothy’s life many of us we’ll make sure this never goes away and in the court of popular opinion, all of you will always be guilty!

  • Show me the money

    The only reason the DA refiled charges is to help boost the local economy. Think about it, all the kid’s families have to stay at hotels, eat, gas, shop, pay big money to lawyers and the news coverage on small town USA doesn’t hurt.

    • seen it all

      The DA has no concern but for the money to the fellow lawyers and the local crime syndicate , unless the payoffs are big enough to them expect a conviction , Sinclair must’ve gotten his , on to the next judge .

  • 🤔

    Well, they should be accountable for what happened to Timothy Piazza. He was very intoxicated , fell down the steps and they did nothing to help him. They were more concerned about getting in trouble. Well, now they’re in way more trouble. If they would’ve helped him, he’d more than likely be alive today.

  • LA 15 Seven Mary 3 and 4

    Ahh, the shame that is Penn State. Another week another shameful part of the story. I hear they have a big football game today and to most that’s all that matters.

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