Wegmans Selling Freaky Frankenstein Pumpkins

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY -- If you've been to the Dickson City Wegmans recently, you may have been caught off guard by some creepy looking pumpkins that stare you down as you walk in the main entrance. These Frankenstein-molded pumpkins are grown at Cinagro Farms in Filmore, California.

"I think it's a pretty genius idea the way somebody would put the face in there and make it grow into that," Jim Brill of Tafton said. "It's really something. I've never seen anything like that before."

"I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I had that in my house," Rose Marciano said.

"I like it," Kim Heritscko of  Montdale said. "It's a very good idea. Awesome!

According to Wegmans, this Wegmans branch is one of only five in the state that is selling the pumpkins.

"We like to offer varieties," produce manager, Steve Fuller said. "We do have these Frankenstein pumpkins this year. They're new this year. We only have them in a few stores. Generates a lot of interest with customers"

Many of the customers who we spoke with admit that the "Gruesoesteins" are very neat. They've never seen anything like them before. The big question is: would customers pay nearly $40 for them?

"No," Cathy Hopkins of Milanville said. "They're nice to look at, but I wouldn't pay $40 for them. Maybe if I had kids."

"No I wouldn't," Susan Davidson of Dalton said. "Maybe I'd pay $20 for them, but not $39.99."

"If I wanted to scare somebody really bad I think I would," Marciano added.

"Definitely a little bit pricey for something that's going to sort of rot away," Tafton said.

With Halloween just a few days away, there's still plenty of these pumpkins available, if you want to frighten someone for the holiday.


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