School Van Driver Accused of Sex Assault on Student

MONTROSE -- A school van driver who allegedly had sexual contact with a student was arraigned Wednesday afternoon in Susquehanna County.

Donald Brand of Montrose said nothing as he was escorted in by state police to the magistrate's office.

Court papers showed he had sexual contact with a female student at Faith Mountain Christian Academy in New Milford.

The Susquehanna County man would take the teenager to and from school. That's when the pair started emailing each other.

Court papers say in August of 2017, the witness says Brand kissed her and then touched her when she came to his home.

Court papers indicate Brand, who's married with children, admitted to kissing her but, 'not like that.'

Brand was charged with sexual assault of a minor with bail set at $10,000.


  • ??

    Well im not going to disagree, It is wrong. did anyone here about the english teacher in montrose?doing drugs with a student and having sex with her. he got fired and put in prison. well years later she admitted she lied. she just wanted attention So this could the same thing. How kids are these days it dont surprise me. they should both do a lie detector test.

  • Melody

    Before u people start judging others wait still you hear the whole story out. The news cast always makes things out worst than what they are. Yes he admitted he kissed her, so of course everyone has to jump to conclusions. Let me ask you this question have you ever kissed an under aged child (not on the lips) or hugged that didn’t belong to your family? I’m sure you have, well then you must be considered of a sexually assultter to. There are caring parents out there that will listen to other people’s kids when there own parents just won’t take the time to listen. So here we have a man with a family that is being bashed for a crime that no one knows nothing about yet that, only what the news media said, Plus for the emailing back and forth nobody knows what was being said. If this teenager didn’t like what this guy was saying why didn’t she block him, so to me she was enjoying it if anything was inappropriate Think before you speak there is always 2 side’s. Put yourself in this mans shoe’s knowing what his own kids are going thru with reading all the nasty comments that are being said and what kids are saying in school about their dad. Shame on you all.

      • Melody

        You know what’s really wrong with me is you ignorant people bashing a human begin that is Innocent until proven Guilty: How old are you? If you have never kissed another child (Not saying it has to be on the lips) that is like one of your own and has spend time at your home with your kids and when they leave you home don’t give them a kiss by or goodnight if there spending nights with your kids. Your Heartless. Oh boy my husband and I better not be giving hugs and kisses out anymore to our future step grandkids cause it’s a crime. For god sake’s he didn’t have sex or murder the child or teenager whatever he or she is Remember—-INNOCENT TILL PROVEN GUILTY.

    • KIP

      with the 10 pedophile related stories today on Wnep. It totally makes me wonder how this guy could be Innocent. Seems like a sick epidemic in these dark, drug filled and blighted parts. Could be wrong, but dang the cases keep coming in throughout the area.

    • Don't be foolish

      An adult has a higher moral obligation than the kid – always. It doesn’t matter if she was ‘enjoying it’. If ‘they’ were doing something wrong, the fault is on the grown up. Sensible people don’t put themselves in a position where they are alone, kissing a minor. Sheesh.

    • Pat

      Are you kidding me Melody? You’re throwing the blame on a teenage girl? She doesn’t have a clue about life yet. He’s old enough to be her father. His brain is done growing. Let’s see the evidence. But to blame the girl is so stupid.

  • Huggy

    The only thing surprising here is that it wasn’t a boy he was kissing. I guess not everyone has the pizazz of that Father Ulncy guy from Frackville.

  • 🤔

    Just revolting! And he’s married and has kids of his own. If I was his wife, I’d devorce him and make sure he’d have supervised visit with the kids. If he did that to a girl who knows what he did/ or would do to his own kids. Just disgusting!

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