High School Senior, Son of Selinsgrove Councilman Is Fourth Arrest in Armed Robbery Case

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SELINSGROVE -- Police have made another arrest in a drug deal that ended in an armed robbery at Susquehanna University.

This time, the Selinsgrove police chief says it’s a Selinsgrove Area High School senior and the son of a Selinsgrove councilman who is now facing charges.

Noah Hendricks, 18, is facing a slew of charges after an armed robbery inside a dorm room at Susquehanna University on August 26.

Selinsgrove's police chief says Hendricks provided the handgun used to hold up a student who was selling marijuana to two men. Those two men then made off with that marijuana, worth $1,700.

Hendricks is a senior at Selinsgrove Area High School and a member of the baseball team.

“I just think a good kid got mixed up in the wrong crowd,” said Jarrett Inch, a Selinsgrove senior.

His classmates say a lot of people were talking about his arrest.

“He's a nice kid. He's actually really nice to get along with,” said Inch. “I don't know what happened there.”

“He's a good kid. We used to be best friends and hang out a lot, you know, just think this is an eye opener for him. Hopefully he gets whatever he needs done and comes out and becomes a better person,” said Selinsgrove senior Keith Dreese.

Hendricks is the latest to be arrested in this case. The two men who allegedly stole the drugs were charged. A third man, Juvan Batts, was charged as the person who set up the drug buy and armed robbery.

Batts was a member of the Super 16 Dream Team as a star football player for Selinsgrove.

“Hope it makes him a better person when he does get out and makes the right decisions,” said Inch.

Noah Hendricks is the son of a Selinsgrove councilman.

At their house on North Front Street in Selinsgrove, his father answered the door but shut it without giving us an interview.

“He was a really great kid. He really was. You know people make bad decisions in their life, but hopefully he bounces back from this and really learns from what happened,” said sophomore Isaiah Showers.

Selinsgrove police say the investigation into this armed robbery remains on-going.

Noah Hendricks is being held at the Snyder County Prison. He is scheduled to be back in court in two weeks.


    • 🏈

      Yup haha! You guys must feel tough talking to a 15 year old like this! You must have a sad sad life to sit behind a screen and talk shit every day! All of ya guys are old hags that don’t know shit! Unbelievable! 🤦

  • Silly wabbit

    Since when was the father arrested? Why do we care who this adults dad is or what he does for a living? Any word yet on the release of the JFK cover up scandal?

    • El Ma

      Daddy probably purchased the gun FOR him.

      This kid, like any other criminal, should experience the fullest extent of the Law, here. I thoroughly agree that a “good kid” doesn’t make MONUMENTALLY STUPID decisions to assist (in ANY way) in such a scheme. Throw this young adult UNDER the prison as an example.

      • KIP

        why did they go to pennstate then? They knew the indiscretions that happen there for 30 years. There is more to the story probably anyway. Those administrators got off easy.

      • seen it all

        You don’t know the cover up history of Penn State over their sports players , Of course the schools punishment spilled onto innocents of the future ‘ but it was all about money for Penn State in the end ( and they won)

  • buzzed driver

    He;s a “good Kid” with a felony now , Except our political creeps will cover it up because his dad is going to misuse power as a councilman to endanger the public with this hoodlum in years to come by not branding him as dangerous . Maybe he’s a teacher, Judge or a cop soon !!!

  • Donamick

    He’s a councilman son so “he’s a good kid that got caught up with the wrong crowd”
    but if he wasn’t a politician son
    he’d be a loner who kept to himself watch porn, smokes pot and may have been the ringleader…
    The spin on these stories should be called b******* not spin


    He was the leader of the wrong crowd, there was no mix up. About time the Selinsgrove police do something about this drug ring.

      • tinytom

        it is its all about high school sports, where 97 percent of players dont get scholarships and anyone with a brain who graduates from college moves the heck out. Then the leadership is terrible, slumlord are taking over the towns and the nepa area and the only thing left is drugs, distrubution centers, pedophiles and blight. maybe your the joke.

  • Ralph_Edmunds

    Just a mixed up white guy. Yeah. What would the comment have been if he had been black?

    • Irish

      I am sure he was influenced by the black folk. Stay away kid. You still have a chance to turn your life around.

    • Yeah

      The comments would be…..” if he was white he wouldn’t have got arrested “, ” if he was white we wouldn’t even hear about this story it would be covered up”! I mean really do I need to go on. If he was black him being arrested would turn into the biggest injustice!! Besides the comments in the article from people who knew him I don’t see anyone here sticking up for him.

  • 🏈

    Ahhhhhh!! My boyfriend made the news! Isaiah Showers! 💜 You looked so handsome babe! Noah was a great kid, friendly to bad this had to happen to him! Hopefully he can get his life together one day! It kinda gives Selinsgrove a bad name. But I’m sure Shik is worse haha! 😂 Anyway GO SEALS! NUMBER 29! ❤ LETS TAKE DOWN THE SOUTHERN COLUMBIA CHEATING TIGERS! 👍🏈

    • Like me better

      The only one cheating here is your boyfriend!! Guess he forgot to mention me….. that’s ok i just like to come and destroy little girls fantasy worlds. Your boyfriend seemed like a nice guy too???? Right???

      • 🏈

        If you guys would read my Comment.. My boyfriend was NOT THE ONE WHO DID THE ROBBERY! They interviwed him when he was on his way to football practice. And this is why you should stay in school kids! 🤦

      • yuiki

        Your boyfriend is a scumbag. And you are going to end up like the rest. You might graduate high school you’re going to have a few kids on welfare, being mad eventually you’ll be hooking up with the BBC to make all your baby daddy’s mad

    • Like me better

      We read comment. We saw interview. You said Noah was a nice guy so ms smarty pants I said your boyfriend seemed like a nice guy too??? Except for one thing he’s a cheater might not be a robber or drug user but……

    • KL

      Absolutely! Sports, they are a gateway drug haha. So over privileged and entitled kids do wrong on a daily basis, and typically get a free pass to do whatever with little consequence. This is good news

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