Two Children Found Dead After Fire in Laflin; Person of Interest Sought

LAFLIN -- Two children are dead after a fire in Luzerne County.

The fire broke out at the home on Oakwood Drive in Laflin Wednesday evening. Crews from several fire departments helped fight the flames.

Luzerne County District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis tells Newswatch 16 a 12-year-old boy and a 16-year-old boy are dead. An 8-year-old boy is in critical condition. The three children all lived at the home.

Salavantis said police are searching for a person of interest, but she would not release any other details.

Investigators confirm that state police have been called to this house multiple times over the past several for months for, “domestic-related calls.”

Officials say this is an isolated incident.

"At this point, I do not believe the public should be concerned. This is not just some random act, based at least on what we believe and the information we have received," explained Salavantis.

The coroner's office confirmed autopsies are planned on the two victims Thursday afternoon.

State police along with the district attorney's office are investigating.


  • Bob

    They won’t release details about a person of interest? What? They want to make him harder to find? A few tips would be nice don’t you think?

    • Smdh

      Oh ELMA stop it. You don’t even know them. I very much dislike empty condolences. Empty condolences from a stranger are very disheartening to the family.

      • El Ma

        To the family, friends, and loved ones of the victims of the Laflin Fire, our Order will have you and yours in our most sincere prayers of courage, comfort, and strength, tonight.

        To SMDHDARNELLYAWN, and every other ID that you use, daily, I will ask my Order to keep you in our prayers, as well. You need them, desperately and obviously. For the emptiness that you awaken with, each day, we will pray for you. For the envy that eats you alive even in your scant hours of sleep, we will pray for you. For the rage and anger that you express and time that you waste trolling and taunting others who are far more vulnerable than I, we will pray for you. For your loneliness, we will pray for you. AFTER we pray for the courage, comfort, and strength of the survivors of the horrific fire that ended the lives of children.

      • You Be Creepy When You Stalk Peeps

        What is SAD is that you obviously are unaware that compassion and pity have no boundaries.

        Two children have died, presumably, at the hands of another human being. Regardless of YOUR assumptions, the senseless deaths of two children are at issue, here. NOT your race-baiting agenda.

      • El Ma

        You have no clue as to what I would say. That makes you a prejudiced bigot. These poor kids died in a fire that was deliberately set, and you’re going to bring race into it?

  • Huskyfireman

    I wonder if the suspect likes boys too. Fires and pedophilia are Schuylkill county’s and most of NEPA’s favorite past time.


    everything in nepa is an isolated incident. But theres a new pedophile arrest, armed robbery or murder everyday. Seems like a bigger problem here to me in the last few years.


      Everyone seems so worried about youth and high school sports but really kids are being used as pawns, The sandusky and kids for cash cases proves this. But in the big picture most of the area is full of blight, drugs and corruption.

    • yuiki

      @Adam B

      Yes ashland guys still get beat up by the guys from Shenandoah. It’s one big family feud they caught their sister sleeping with their cousin that was her uncle’s boyfriend really confusing situation

    • Buff ass

      Ashland PA is slightly better than Girardville therefore it is a complete and utter hellhole. Bud Klinger was such a cool guy.

  • Lynn

    Prayers to the family and I hope the 8 year old makes it. This is a really strange story. No mention of the parents, it happened early in the evening when the kids were more than likely still awake, but they didn’t make it out. A lot of questions here. These poor kids, it’s so heartbreaking.

  • 🤔

    Prayers to the family of the boys. Praying the 8 yr old makes it. I can’t imagine what the family is going through. May the 12 and 16 yr old RIP. 😇

    • The world is full of evil

      Maybe it was a kid from school. Mad about something. So sad. Hope those 2 children rest peacefully and that the 8 year old pulls through.

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