Man Shot and Killed After Struggle with Fish and Boat Commission Officer

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PLYMOUTH TOWNSHIP -- State police have identified the man who was shot and killed by a Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission officer in Luzerne County.

Investigators say Sean Bohinski, 37, of Nanticoke, was killed after he attacked that officer along the Susquehanna River in Plymouth Township by striking him with a rock several times and attempting to drown him as well.

Canal Park off Route 11 near West Nanticoke was packed with state troopers, crime scene investigators and emergency Tuesday afternoon. The Luzerne County District Attorney's Office said state police were called to the area around 1 p.m.

Authorities said Bohinski hit the officer with a rock several times, and Bohinski even tried to drown the officer. They said the officer was basically fighting for his life.

Investigators say the officer was on routine patrol and walking along the Susquehanna River when he came upon Bohinski.

“For some reason, a fight ensued with that male,” said Luzerne County First Assistant District Attorney Sam Sanguedolce. “The officer was struck repeatedly and so far, the evidence seems to indicate that there may have been an attempt to drown that officer. The officer discharged his weapon. The individual is now deceased. This individual remains unidentified. The officer is being treated for his injuries.”

Jack Faux tells Newswatch 16 that he is the brother-in-law of Bohinski. He tells us that he doesn't believe what investigators are saying. Faux says his brother-in-law had warrants for child support but would never attack an officer.

“I guarantee he took off running because he didn't want to be captured, but he's never going to put up a fight to cop. He wouldn't do it,” said Faux.

Authorities originally believed there was a second person involved. A helicopter searched the area until it was determined the officer and Bohinski were the only ones on the river.

Neighbors said they heard two gunshots and saw the injured officer. They were shocked by it all.

"I was born and raised in this town. I'm coming up through and I see all the cop cars and everything. I just pulled in to see what's going on and heard what's going on. It's crazy. It's unbelievable, you know, that someone would do that," said Joseph Shedlock.

“Any time an officer, whether it be state police, local police, or in this case a Fish and Boat Commission, you know, they're there to enforce the law. When they're attacked, it's an attack on all of us,” said Sanguedolce.

State police and the Luzerne County District Attorney's Office are handling the investigation. Investigators have not released the name of the officer or his condition at the hospital. An autopsy on Bohinski is scheduled for Wednesday.


  • Bob Moran

    Give the poor guy a break. Bohinski has eight kids by different mothers. He was probably down at the river fishing for “whitefish.”

    • Warning - truth

      But – but, he’s a great father to those children. Even if he does owe almost $8,000 in child support payments and was stealing copper to pay for his next six-pack and tattoo.

    • Yale Law

      One man is dead, and another is in hospital, and you see fit to attempt gallows humor? Must be horrible to be you.

  • pleh

    Are you also sure its the same man? I run background checks on the daily and come across the same name but two different people. I’m gonna take a look for myself because im nosey like that.

  • warningfakenews

    You have no idea what happened here, as don’t any of us. I’m hopeful that there was video of it, but that’s not likely. Even if there was, it doesn’t mean we’ll ever see it. It may be that the officer was entirely justified, looking at the gentleman’s past may seem to indicate it, but prior occurrences aren’t allowed as evidence in court for a reason- they can taint a person’s ability to be objective. Some officers aren’t known for their people skills, and we didn’t bring that upon them, they did.

    • Gary

      And I’m sure that once video evidence is provided and you’re proven wrong you’ll come right back here to admit it.

      Shut up and go fishing. I know just the spot.

    • warningfakenews

      Most of the police shootings are justified. Most of them. Some are not. I doubt there is video, but there will be an investigation and the officer will likely be cleared of any wrongdoing. That doesn’t mean that there wasn’t any, that just means that no one found proof. Body cams give us the chance to see for ourselves, but they aren’t widely utilized as of yet. So what you have here is me saying that the likelihood is that this officer will be cleared, which is better than being wrongly convicted.

      Even so, that doesn’t mean he’s entirely innocent, does it? We just don’t know and we will likely never know because the other guy ain’t testifying, is he? I’m FOR knowing, and video evidence can and should be utilized more often than it is.

  • JessicaInWilliamsport

    I would guess that since the Fish and Game officer is in the hospital, it’s quite easy to determine he was beaten and almost drowned. I’ll be the first one to point out when it seems an officer is trigger happy, but from what we know so far, I would say this one was justified. But let’s wait for all the info before we start judging.

    • Shifty whiskers

      Jessica, they’re probably only keeping the officer in the hospital for observation. And the longer they keep him the better it works for his defense. It’ll be a huge hospital bill, all fishing licenses will be increasing by $3.00 next year.

  • Jack Irvin

    So when a law enforcement officer shoots someone he “discharged his weapon” but when a wacko shoots someone it is somehow “gun violence” even though both used a gun to fill someone, media gets more biased everyday

  • III%

    OK so I guess since a person is fishing they are over looked by the pgc and if your in a jurisdiction of a town or boro your over looked by the PSP and only the local police can stop you so jp wank your response is invalid

    • warningfakenews

      You win! 60 on the nose. Some of these will disappear, that’s for sure. There are some racist remarks that will go, but then people also like to report those people who shoot their own arguments full of holes (no pun intended).

      I think the very best thing we as Americans can do is have a vibrant discussion with all points of view considered- and you know, the racists discredit themselves if you let them talk. If they INCITE anyone, then the people they incite are no better. Only a fool buys into that carp.

  • Grow a pair and clean up your act

    The people that squawk the loudest about ‘abuse of power’ and ‘government overreach’ are also the same ones that have something to hide. In almost 50 years of hunting and fishing I’ve only ever had one or two ‘unfriendly’ encounters. Some of the fish and rabbit cops have attitude. So what? Comply with their requests and go about your day. Most of them run into arrogant a-hole outlaws on a daily basis and get jaded and conditioned to dealing with douchebag hunters and fishermen. Yep – you’ll say it’s part of the job. Try it some time. It’s a darn shame that someone lost their life over what outwardly appears to be an argument. Let’s hope the details reveal what happened and let justice prevail.

  • Facts?

    Let’s face the ‘facts’ about your statement. You start off by saying ‘always looking for a confrontation’ which would imply that every hour of every day they’re looking for a fight. This isn’t true because I associate with quite a few of them both on and off duty, and not one of them have ever picked a fight with me or anyone else when I’m with them. ‘Fact’ #1: Busted. ‘Past military experiences’ – not all of them are Veterans. ‘Fact’ #2: Busted. ‘Fighting with their spouses’ – a good many of them are bachelors and live alone. ‘Fact’ #3: Busted. ‘Steriod abuse’ – some of them that I know – if they’re taking steroids – need to get their money back. ‘Fact’ #4: Busted. Could it be that the person that was shot was being the arrogant, disrespectful type that escalated the situation until he got ‘equalized?’ Without jumping too far to any conclusion, I’m willing to bet the departed has had run-ins with the law before, or people will ‘out’ him for being a loud mouth hot head drunk that didn’t want to go back to jail. As far as the great equalizer goes – yep – no denying that. I’m 6′ and 200 pounds, but I know darn well there are plenty out there that could clean my clock. I don’t break the law and get aggressive with any LEO or authority figure. Is your ego that fragile that you can’t take a dressing-down from someone in uniform? Grow some skin. I carry an equalizer too, by the way.

    • warningfakenews

      If your LEO friends are so squeaky clean, why do they fear being video recorded by the public so much? Don’t think they mind? Research PINAC on You Tube. Certainly not all of them are afraid of what documenting them could reveal, but a lot of them will trample someone’s rights by subjecting people to harassment and abuse.

      This is a trend that’s not going away, it’s our right to film them, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

    • look in the miror

      Just curious “fakenews” if your indignation over police malfeasance is only reserved for good ol’ boys out hunting or also covers the murdering of unarmed black people. Like I said, just curious…

    • warningfakenews

      To: Look in the mirror- Look up Shawn Thomas on You Tube and be sure to watch his main video- take note of his contempt for the cops that want to violate his 4th amendment rights AND his respect for the one officer who identified himself. Then watch the one where he explains why he does what he does. I would never be comfortable putting officers in their place as he does, but I respect his motives. Or- the short answer- unarmed Black men that are not posing a threat? Absolutely, I feel the same. Absolutely. We need GOOD cops who respect their oath.

    • warningfakenews

      BTW, the video in which Shawn Thomas explains why he does what he does is entitled simply “Q&A” He’s been arrested more than once, I believe, and this is one of the dangers of taking on corrupt cops- let’s face it- they have the power to do bad things.

      We DO need good, honest cops who honor their oath, but corrupt cops are not only a danger to society at large, they are a huge danger to the honest cops out there who respect our rights. Corrupt cops make honest cops a target, and the work that cops do is dangerous enough without that.

      We should also move away from having cops raise revenue by writing people up for tiny infractions- cops commit these infractions daily, but this is a very burdensome tax on people who often can least afford it.

  • devil dog

    All you bar room lawyers should take a class in search and seizure issues and the US Constitution. You certainly are clueless when it comes to the authority of law enforcement…

  • III%

    Having your fishing license checked by the game commission 4 times in one day by the same pgc officer isn’t a abuse of power ? And I’m 100% catch and release

  • azeline16

    Scratching my head on this….I believe it was reported that the violator took physical action against the officer???…. I didn’t know anger was the “ok card” to physically assault someone.

  • azeline16

    If you don’t break the law you won’t have to worry about them storming your house to ransack your freezer…..I mean….ya know…because this happens every day to hundreds of PA Citizens.

    • Givemeabreak

      So someone couldn’t make a false report and then these Commies can just walk into my house without a warrant and I have no power because someone made a lie up about me?

  • Mick

    Its really sad that someone’s husband, father or son wont be going home tonight, all over a fishing violation??
    Since when does a license violation come before a life. Sounds like another case of police against the people tp me. Really sad….. the guy was fishing. He was not hurting anyone, not committing a crime against society just fishing, providing food for his family. Nothing that justifies shooting someone.

    • justified

      Self-defense and fear for your life does. You seem to have all the answers here. How do you know he was just fishing? Feeding his family – I highly doubt that his dependents – if he had any – were relying on his daily catch to ward off starvation.

      • Warning - truth

        He was ‘burning wire’ like he always does – according to the people he left behind. You know, that honorable occupation that so many before him have handed down from generation to generation.

  • AgeofEntitlementMakesMeThrowUp

    Those who have an issue with law enforcement are those who usually break the law. I abide by the laws, enjoy the outdoors, and have no problems. I have always had pleasant experience with the PAGC. It’s not hard to follow the rules. If you are that stupid to break them and carry on about it after you are caught, you deserve repercussions. No one wants to accept responsibility of their actions and yet these same people believe they are are entitled to everything. No remorse for these types of people!

    • warningfakenews

      What laws were the people who were affected by Katrina violating when the order came down to confiscate guns from American citizens?

      The Jews in Nazi Germany were likely law abiding folks, for the most part, too. Nothing to worry about?

      Why do you think the founding fathers took such great care to limit the power of GOVERNMENT? The government’s our friend, right?

    • Givemeabreak

      You said it in your own sentence. “Those who have an issue with law enforcement are those who USUALLY break the law.”. There are times when innocent people go to jail. There are times when people, like that nurse that recently was just doing her job by not allowing a police officer to draw blood from an unconscious individual got physical with her and attempted to arrest her even though he was dead wrong. The Police and PAGC are humans and all humans make mistakes.

    • Jack faux

      This conservation officer has reports on him using deadly force in a few different cases these people personally contacted me and told me about them

  • warningfakenews

    I take it you agree to give up that right as a condition for getting a hunting or fishing license. I don’t know, I don’t hunt or fish.

  • III%

    Hahahahaaaaa report a badge number and name to the game or fish commission and exactly what do you think they would do about it ? that’s right nothing ! Why because I have done exactly that with 0 results

  • Wildrose53

    had dealt with a few wco in the past,have not had a bad expierence at any time. they have a job to do just like anyone else.

  • III%

    Any time I’ve had contact with a officer of the Pennsylvania game commission or the fish commission I’ve always been left with the feeling that I just dealt with the Russian KGB never met a officer without some chip on his shoulder I recently had contact with a NY Dec officer that became a 30 minute conversation a business card and a laugh or two you certainly don’t get that in Pennsylvania

    • He's Got a Soft Side

      If they hurt your feelings little guy maybe you should report it to the commission, with the badge # and name.

      • warningfakenews

        People filing complaints also face harassment and abuse at the hands of some,/I> law enforcement agencies. Research it, look for videos of people doing it and see what happens when you dare to file a complaint with some agencies.

        In any case, this guy won’t be filing a complaint, will he? Dead men tell no tales, unless it got recorded and we’re allowed to see it.

    • Pa. Is a military state

      Yes, your 100% correct 111%. I often travel to the Adirondacks and the DEC officers up there are very polite and professional. They allow you to relax and enjoy yourself. The tree cops in PA. do nothing but hassle people while they’re trying to enjoy the outdoors.

  • yuiki

    I just pray it was an unarmed black man. Rioting and.. well I can’t say looting because all you have is trash. And I can’t say take your women because they’ve been taking by the black men years ago but it will be a good show

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