Confusing Questions on Ballot   

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WILLIAMSPORT -- If you're a voter in Williamsport, you might come across a few long-winded questions on the ballot this November.

"It says, 'shall a charter commission of seven members be elected to study the charter and form of government?'" said Raymond Shuler.

To make sure you don't leave your polling place scratching your head, we had Raymond Shuler read them ahead of time.

"Obviously, everybody is not into politics, so, no, I do not think the average person is going to understand that question."

"I think you always need to have an understanding about what you're voting for when you vote yes or no," said Fred Holland.

Others feel that way, too. It's why several city council members and concerned community members are holding a town hall meeting Tuesday. They'll review two questions on the ballot:

The first asks voters if they want a group to study the already existing form of government and come back with recommendations to make it better.

The second question is similar, but this question was put on the ballot by the community.

"Should there be change in the government in Williamsport? Absolutely," said Shuler.

"You can vote yes on both you can vote on both you can both yes on one no on the other. They're separate questions, but I think citizens should ask themselves, do they want change or are they satisfied with the status quo?” said Alison Hirsch.

Alison Hirsch is one of those concerned community members looking for a change. She says the studies wouldn't cost much, and would most likely be paid for through donations.

"When you are ignorant to something and you don't understand what it means, then the only ones who benefit are the people in power I mean they are going to benefit with the common people not understanding," said Shuler.

Hirsch says if the questions pass it could take another year before the ideas are brought to the polls for another vote.


  • Me

    Would I never have understood this article without not know previous instances where they never should have not made the question confusing.

  • no

    The only reason they make it confusing is so that you vote incorrectly. It’s not complicated to write out a question and make it so that it can be comprehended the FIRST time you read it. Just like last years election, they could have easily made the question “Do you think we should allow judges over the age of 70 to be re-elected?” like wow, that was hard…..stop with the jargon.

  • 🤔

    They always word things so no one understands what it really means. It’s just to confuse people so they get and do what they want. It’s so ridiculous. Why not just put it in layman’s terms ? They do it with everything bank loans, lawyers. Just a bunch of mumbo jumbo!

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