Auditor General Stuns Parents, Taxpayers in Scranton School District

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SCRANTON -- Newswatch 16 spoke with parents and taxpayers who were stunned to learn what the state auditor general said about the school district's spending.

We talked to parents as school let out at South Scranton Intermediate School Tuesday afternoon.

Parents were already concerned about their children's future within the district. They tell Newswatch 16 the auditor general's report makes them question what is really going on.

Many of those parents were stunned to learn about Scranton School District's debt of $25 million.

Parents believe the district should be doing more to further the student's education and get the finances under control.

Jasmin Laine says the school has struggled to pay for field trips.

"I just believe they can do a lot more than what they are doing. It's got to the point of if we didn't have PTA meetings and try to raise funds, we wouldn't be able to go on field trips," said Laine.

After hearing the state auditor general's report, parents now have more questions than ever. They believe the school district should be furthering students education as well as reducing the deficit.

"I have lived in Scranton all my life and I went to Scranton School District but it's not like it is now," said Margaret Wasylyniak. "They want more money and for not teaching properly, or less than what they should, and they just want more money. How much money could they ask for, for doing the same job."

Parents we spoke with told us they already had concerns that the district does not spend enough money on students.

"My son is in band and I was in marching band all throughout high school, and they are the programs that the students need to do better instead of cutting it and giving it to a place it's not worth," said Jonathan Nasko.

The state auditor general did give recommendations to help the Scranton School District get its finances under control.


  • Gary

    If you’re stunned by this “news” then you haven’t really been paying attention. These morons need to stay away from voting booths and stop electing the same in-bred idiots over and over again.

  • Porky

    ….but let’s ensure the state enacts a gas severance tax to help fund districts to ensure this type of school system mis-management gets swept under the rug so nothing has to change….Wolf’s days are truly numbered.

  • A2B2C

    Yes, the School District made this mess but where has the Auditor General’s office been in all of this? Too little too late!! This didn’t happen in a year and those auditors came in, looked at ONE particular budget item and if nothing major was found, proclaimed the whole district to be fine. Many more school districts are in the same situation so maybe State auditors should do what we pay them for, look harder for these problems, stop rubber stamping and overlooking things and help the taxpayers out like they’re supposed to be doing!

  • Bob Calvey

    School directors need to get there head out of their ASS how about the people who keep voting them in they need to get their HEADS out of their ASS keep voting dummycrat

  • 🤔

    Unbelievable! With the amount of taxes these school districts get they still cry poverty. It’s disgusting. Then they misuse the money they get . Heck in my school district they get a new car for drivers Ed constantly. Like do they really need a new car every couple of yrs? It’s just to use the money they get so they keep getting more. It’s sickening!! They’re all they same…GREEDY!!

    • In a galaxy far far away

      To be a Scranton teacher…where they are totally unaffected by the economy or the debt of their employers! If this were a private sector business, they would be forced to freeze wages, benefits and pensions! If not reduce them! Here in tax supported Lala land, we don’t ever consider this option. We just keep borrowing and raising property taxes to keep giving unsustainable and outdated benefit packages. Government run insanity at its best!

  • davetood

    Scrantons corruption is probably nothing compared to those real small Class A and Class AA districts. There the shadiest and should of been closed probably back in 1995, with the negative growth population in most areas.

    • JD

      It’s not just in Scranton. It’s all over the Commonwealth. The swamp is way more deep (deeper) than anyone wants to admit.

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