Remove Expired Registration Stickers?

SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP -- Pennsylvania drivers no longer need registration stickers tacked to their vehicles, but many of the vehicles at a shopping plaza near Marshalls Creek still have them.

Some officials are encouraging you to remove them, especially if they are expired.

The reason is that out-of-state police officers have been pulling over drivers.

"I think the police should be aware of it, but not everyone knows it. Those stickers are obsolete right now and if they don't know that, they should know they are responsible to scrape off the sticker," said Kathy Dingman, Bushkill.

At the end of last year, PennDOT stopped issuing the stickers to help save taxpayer dollars. Now drivers just need a registration card.

PennDOT did alert out-of-state police departments to the change, but some drivers are still getting stopped.

"I didn't know you had to take them off. What I got in the mail from the state didn't say I had to take the sticker off, it just said I didn't have to put another one on. So if we are supposed to take them off, I wish they would have let us know that. So I guess I have to take it off," said Rick Horvath, Marshalls Creek.

Besides people just forgetting to take off the sticker, some others say it's just too hard to peel it off, but there are some easy ways you can remove it.

John Somma owns J & M Service Center in Smithfield Township. He says he does inspections daily and alerts customers when they have an expired sticker to have it removed. Somma says if you don't want your mechanic to do it, there are ways to do it yourself.

"They are very hard to get off, but there is a way to get it off. Just use a scraper and a little bit of brake cleaner and it will take it right off," said Somma.

State police say if you are pulled over out-of-state for your expired registration sticker, explain to the officer the change and show him or her your registration paperwork.


  • Somewhere in Nort'east PA

    I didn’t think out-of-state cops had any authority over registrations not from their own states.

  • john williams

    It should be the State’s DMV responsibility to remove them, they made us put them there in the first place

  • In a galaxy far far away

    How about the responsibility of law enforcement to keep current and up to date on law changes! Or if you went to the police academy in the 70s, you dont think you need to keep up to date with your profession! Or are they still burning witches in the town square?


    Police say that they never know what to expect when pulling a car over.
    But it seems that they will use any excuse to pull someone over.

    Marker light out
    License plate light out
    Failure to use turn signal when changing lanes.

    • warningfakenews

      They see a 60 or 70 year old driving, belted in, they don’t see the likelihood of being able to write tickets or better yet, make arrests, which earn them promotions and more pay. A car with three or four teens in it? That’s the gravy train they’re looking for.
      There’s no solace in being the older person, however, for then it’s YOUR KIDS they’re after…

      These arrests based on an MJ butt found in the car are ridiculous in any case, and promotions based on such things aren’t helping society to move away from a tyrannical regime which respects no one’s rights. Next thing we know, they’ll be going door to door looking to search our homes.

      • Privilege

        Funny, all my kids went through the teenage years all the way through adulthood and one only ever got pulled over – once – and they were admittedly speeding. Of course, they were smart enough not to drink and drive, or not smoke MJ and leave roaches laying around. Quite simple really, don’t do stupid things, don’t get arrested. For some though that’s asking too much.

      • warningfakenews

        Same here, but that anecdotal evidence, nothing more. Being kind and respectful goes a long way, but the only good cop out there is one that respects the oath they took to uphold and defend the constitution. If a cop uses their position for any other purpose- power or corruption, they need to be removed from that role. Doesn’t that make sense? Who here is for BAD cops who fabricate evidence and are abusive?

        Good cops who honor their oath should be held in high esteem and rewarded.

    • warningfakenews

      Just make sure you have a camera rolling with live feed (upload) through one of the various apps available. That way your family can sue them after they shoot you, should that happen.

      In fact, it’s good policy to have the camera rolling in that manner no matter whether they shoot you or not. Let’s weed out the bad ones and reward the cops who honor their oath.

      • Enough with the paranoia

        Don’t break the law, don’t get pulled over. Get pulled over, don’t be a douche, comply with the officers requests, and be on your way. You only have something to fear if you’re an outlaw.

  • Wayne Carson Perry Sr.

    I am at a loss for understanding how not having to use the stickers would save taxpayers money when we pay for vehicle registration. The cost of the registration should be more than enough to cover the cost to print a $0.50 sticker. Considering the registration for my 3/4 pickup is a ridiculous $91 for one year. Come to also find out that the county that I live in also get’s $5 of that to pay for public transportation. In addition I also live in one of the few counties that require emissions inspection as well. I’m curious to know where that money goes to. If the state needs to make money so dam badly to repair bridges and roads why don’t they make emissions state wide?

    • warningfakenews

      On the emissions question- it’s a scam of the largest magnitude. Rather than make it statewide, they should eliminate it entirely. It does little to nothing to stem pollution and costs us dearly because some garages gouge the customer for repairing a “ghost problem” which suddenly clears up once ‘repaired’. The state is a willing participant in this, they’re getting their cut.

    • mopar driver

      In my county the emissions is a scam , NOTHING additional in the state inspection procedure but checking if the gas cap seals . The scam includes machine sales and a required phone line ( scam for a company )

    • Silverfish Imperetrix

      It’s not the glue so much, but the sticker itself. They’re made brittle intentionally so they can’t be peeled off whole to be used on somebody else’s (prolly unregistered) car. It’s bit by painful bit. :(

  • warningfakenews

    Yeah, and we all have a can of brake cleaner in our garage, right?

    Meanwhile, some cop in another state might be using the expired sticker as the reason they stopped you and insisting they can search your car.

    • Know the law

      Fourth amendment. On the other hand, if you’re living life right – you’ve got nothing to worry about.

      • warningfakenews

        Fourth amendment is indeed awesome, unfortunately- when you’re in a car it’s SO EASY for dishonest cops to trample on your rights. If intimidation doesn’t work, they can always have the dog ‘signal’ as it circles the car, usually on the opposite side from where you’re standing…cameras, both obvious and hidden help, but weeding out the thugs from the police force is the best way of protecting our rights. Reward the good cops who honor their oath!

      • Enough with the paranoia

        Again – nothing to hide – nothing to worry about. I’ve been driving for almost half a century and I have NEVER had a cop pull me over when it wasn’t warranted. And I’ve driven ‘cop bait’ cars for most of those years. Give me a break, this isn’t México.

    • Car wars

      Forego one tattoo, case of beer, carton of cigarettes, or ticket to see Metallica – your choice – and wheel into your local NAPA or AutoZone. They’ll probably even get it off the shelf for you.

  • Js

    This is to me like saying. That I can get stopped in another state because my NH state inspection sticker is outdated. Where every state has different rules for registration and/or inspection how can a different state enforce your state rules?

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