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Police Investigating Murder-Suicide in Lackawanna County

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

FELL TOWNSHIP -- Police in Lackawanna County are investigating an apparent murder-suicide involving an elderly couple.

Police were called to the home on 44th Street in Fell Township around 7:30 a.m. Monday for a murder-suicide of a couple in their 80s. Officers say the two were suffering from debilitating illnesses.

In the search warrant, police say the couple were found inside their home shot to death. Investigators are treating their deaths as a murder-suicide.

According to police, a family member found the couple Monday morning and called for help.

When officers arrived, Gerald Reynolds, 86, was found in bed along with his wife, Mary Reynolds, 82.

Police believe Gerald shot his wife before taking his own life.

Officers also say the couple suffered from serious illnesses.

Neighbors were upset to find out what happened.

"They were wonderful, kept to themselves, and I'm pretty sure they had four or five children. They were just beautiful people. It's just sad," said neighbor Muriel Torch.

According to the search warrant, the last time family members spoke to the couple was Sunday evening and everything seemed OK.

Autopsies are planned for Tuesday. The coroner says it appears this is a case of murder-suicide.


  • Black lies matter

    You wish – your Kenyan moose-slime is responsible for the current state of medical affairs. ‘If you like your doctor, you can keep them.’

    • Black Lies Matter To Little Green Men

      Ooh clever old you. Did you know that JFK and Marilyn Monroe are frolicking on a Caribbean island this very moment? Boob.

  • Joe Smith

    Being that the cause and manner of death are obvious in this case and there is no one to prosecute, why does the coroner demand autopsies? When the same thing happens in other counties, e.g., Luzerne county, there are no autopsies. Coroner Rowland has no problem billing county property tax payers for autopsies that are completely pointless and unnecessary. Coroner Rowland frequently abuses his discretion and needs to be voted out of office.

    • Mary Sampson

      Joe, are you an expert in death investigation? All the counties do autopsies on murder-suicides to include Luzerne and Wyoming. Do you remember the boy at Weis’ who shot all those people, autopsies were done on all of them. Get your facts straight. Tim Rowland is a good man and does one heck of a job. Do you think you could walk in his footsteps? I highly doubt it.

      • Joe Smith

        Hello there “Mary Sampson”, is Timmy Rowland your relative? Yes, I am an “expert”. What would you like to know?
        But first allow me to correct your incorrect statement, no “all the counties” do not do autopsies on murder suicide victims. I refer you to the case reported by WNEP on Aug. 12, 2017, which took place in Luzerne county. No autopsies were done for one simple reason: the cause and manner of death being rather obvious, were known to the extent necessary to satisfy the “public interest”. I can refer you to other cases as well where no autopsies were done because it would have been pointless and unnecessary.
        If the autopsies on the victims in this case were “legitimate” then consistency would demand that every death in Lackawanna county be autopsied, right?
        As it turns out, many of the autopsies ordered by Rowland are simply pointless and unnecessary. The determination of “cause and manner of death” is not supposed to be done for academic purposes, it is not an abstraction, but rather it is done to satisfy the “public interest”. It is the job of the coroner to use DISCRETION; that is to do some OBSERVATION AND REASONING to determine when an autopsy is “necessary” to satisfy the public interest and when it is not.
        BTW the autopsies on the Tunkhannock victims were also pointless and unnecessary, as I commented on them at the time. Political corruption is unfortunately very commonplace in this society and coronial corruption is no exception. An extreme case might be that of Bill Sweeny, who, by the time he was caught, was openly plundering the living and the dead, but like everything else corruption falls on a spectrum.

    • Mary Sampson

      Mr. “Joe Smith”, no I am not a relative of Tim Rowland. When I said “all counties”, yes they have all done them on murder-suicides at one time or another. Apparently Mr. Rowland is doing his “job” as apparently he continues to be voted in. Maybe you can run against him in the future and we can see what people think of you.

      • Joe Smith

        “Apparently Mr. Rowland is doing his “job” as apparently he continues to be voted in.”
        LOL! Apparently most people have no idea what his “job” actually is, let alone how well how he performs it. How long did Bill Sweeny continue to be elected coroner even after it was rather obvious that they guy was a corrupt ghoul?
        BTW most voters around here. unfortunately, seem to vote for their favorite political party. And even if they didn’t, unless someone’s looked into it and spent some time researching the subject matter, the corruption might not be recognized.

      • Donald Niger Trump

        When are you unwashed sheep going to get over the fact that you WON. Pull your heads out of the Twatter-in-Chief’s ahole, stop whining, and fix health care and taxes now!

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