Ice Cream Business Booming in Warm Fall

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JIM THORPE -- It's not something you normally see in late October: people in shorts and t-shirts eating ice cream. But in Jim Thorpe, plenty of people were snacking on the sweet treat.

"This is a highlight of our life is to come someplace up here and have a CMP," said Fran Pursley, North Carolina.

Employees at Woods Ice Cream in Jim Thorpe say the extended warm weather has really boosted business. In fact, this past weekend, sales were even better than on the Fourth of July.

"I can't even explain it. Saturday was insane here. It was the last weekend with the festival and all the people coming through town. It was non-stop from I would say noon until I didn't leave here until 7:15, so it just kept going," said Kimberly McKeever, Woods Ice Cream.

Normally Woods Ice Cream closes Labor Day weekend, but because we've had such a warm fall, owners decided to stay open because ice cream sales have been through the roof.

Fran Pursley used to live in Jim Thorpe. She comes back to visit every fall and was happy to find some of her favorite seasonal sport still open for business.

"Well, I think it's great for them and I'm glad we found one because the only other one we knew was closed already," said Pursley.

Dave Heck from Lancaster says you can't beat this weather and he's happy to see some of the businesses benefit from it.

"Oh well, it's great and I am glad everything is open. That's important, right? To make as much money as they can," said Dave Heck, Lancaster.

There's still plenty of time to grab a cone.  Woods Ice Cream doesn't plan to close up shop for the season until next Tuesday.

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