Donation Drive Held for Hurricane Victims in Puerto Rico

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WILKES-BARRE -- A food truck served up more than wings at a fundraiser in Wilkes-Barre.

Snook's Wings and Things hosted a donation drive in Public Square on Sunday for those still suffering from when Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico last month.

Water, baby formula, and diapers were just some of the things collected at that drive.

Ten percent of the sales of the food truck, along with any other donations at that event in Luzerne County will be given to the Red Cross.

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  • laura

    i was curious as to how they were getting it there and read the article and found out they weren’t. red cross donations rarely go where the people donating want them to go. it’s doubtful any of this will end up anywhere near puerto rico. it probably won’t get very far out of pa for that matter. this was a publicity stunt and not much more. it will not benefit the people of puerto rico. better to donate directly to united for puerto rico

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