Loyalsock Game Farm Pheasant Roundup

We'll head to the Pennsylvania Game Commission's Loyalsock Game Farm as they get ready to stock pheasants for the upcoming seasons.


  • III%

    First I want to say I’m not a anti hunter but ethics come into question here these are raised birds with the sole purpose of being shot and they spent a majority of life in a pen does the game commission raise deer, bear, elk, rabbits, squirrels in pens and release them to be shot by flat landers no they don’t it seems such a waste of money but I’m sure the coyotes and bobcats love the idea since these birds have no clue what a predator is but this idiots who run this half assed cut rate “outdoor show” shouldn’t even preach ethics but I guess has been flat landers need a job too

  • III%

    Just as bad as pigeon shoots not much challenge there when they hang out in the parking lots of the game lands but I guess if your NJ transplant it’s a big deal

    • El Ma

      It’s almost as nauseating as the seasonal “residents” that insist upon feeding the bears and going to game sanctuaries and return saying, “Guess what? I saw 87 deer, today!” How many pheasants does it take to make a good, solid meal, anyway? :-(

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