Pumpkins Thrown from Overpass at Vehicles

STERLING TOWNSHIP -- Pieces of smashed pumpkins still sit on Interstate 84 eastbound near Moscow as cars zoom by, a day after troopers say someone dropped pumpkins from the overpass, damaging a vehicle.

William Barnett of Lake Ariel is a retired truck driver and says it's already hard enough for drivers without having to worry about unexpected danger.

"It is getting very dangerous out on the roads, very dangerous," Barnett said.

Police say the pumpkin was thrown over the Neville Road overpass, breaking a windshield. Truck drivers that we spoke to say they only have seconds to react when something like that happens.

Three years ago, teens threw rocks from an overpass in Union County nearly killing Sharon Budd from Ohio. Four teens were eventually charged and sentenced for the crime.

In this case, it's not clear if the driver was hurt.

"It's much too dangerous. I hate driving anymore. I only do it because I have to get from one place to another," Barnett added.

Ken Robinson of New Hampshire just started driving big rigs this past April.

"They aren't reacting right away like a car. It's like 80,000 pounds rolling down the road. It's scary let me tell you," Robinson said.

Robinson worries about his safety on the road and wants people to be more respectful of drivers.

"Here I am doing the same exact thing and people are out there as a truck driver, 'Let's pick on him,' and it's all over. It's nationwide," Robinson said.

State police ask anyone with information on the incident to call them.


  • P Sweeney

    Used to get a big thrill out of throwing rocks at cars on 81 near Clarks Summit. Things were different back in the 70s.

  • III%

    Kids aren’t taught respect any more they don’t know consequences because kids don’t get a good old fashion ass whooping anymore society is raising a generation of cry babies that know if they get caught mommy and daddy will buy their way out of it sad to say but a majority of these kids are nothing but future criminals my parents installed the fear of god or make that the wrath of the old man now kids tell their parents to f*ck off and walk out the door it’s sickening

    • 🤔

      They don’t get butt whooping now a days cuz the schools teach them that it’s child abuse. It’s only abuse if you use an object and leave marks ( bruises, cuts, etc) . I got my butt whooped when I was younger and I’m fine. I agree kids now a days don’t get the discipline they need. It’s easier to let them do what they want and not deal with the problem I guess. My kids know when I start counting they better get their butts in motion. I don’t even get to 3. They know better!

  • Bluto

    They had a death in the midwest a few days ago because of a rock thrown over an overpass. These kids are the timeout, everyone wins generation. Maybe if they had a partime job instead of having everything handed to them. Their brains would be functioning. They will be caught because idiots like these download everything on social media.

  • 🤔

    You’d think they wouldn’t do that after what happened to Sharon Budd. Look what that poor woman went through. Nothing but pure stupidity! Hope they find out who did it.

    • Silverfish Imperetrix

      They haven’t been caught yet, so we don’t know what color they are. Regardless of their color, if and when they’re caught they should be locked away for a very long time. (The sentences for those four punks that “almost” killed Sharon Budd were a joke and a travesty of justice. The reason I put ‘almost’ in quotes is because they DID kill Sharon Budd in almost every way but her actual death. She lost an eye, is maimed and damned near incapacitated FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE, and her husband committed suicide no doubt because of what happened to her. Death would have been a blessing compared to a life like she and her family has been sentenced to.) This is way beyond vandalism or childish pranks – this should be interpreted as assault with intent to commit grievous bodily harm at the very least.

    • El Ma

      I would encourage you to not snap at the race-bait. This is a troll that changes ID’s numerous times in a single day, “down-votes” anyone that it deems to be an intellectual threat, and often responds to its own posts just to incite reactions. So……yeah…..the crime is a crime, regardless of ethnicity and the perpetrators are degenerate fools.

    • Silverfish Imperetrix

      I just realized your comment was for me not Darnell, El Ma. I wasn’t interested in the trolling as much as I wanted to remind everybody that Mrs. Budd’s injuries are horrible and lasting, and her husband committed suicide because of what happened to her. It’s a living death for the entire Budd family and the punks practically got away with it. What, did the poor woman have to die to have some justice sent her way? It’s disgusting.

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