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Attempted Murder, Suicide in Sunbury

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SUNBURY -- A woman was wounded and a man is dead after a shooting in Northumberland County.

Officers were called to a reported shooting around 8 a.m. Friday at an office complex on North Third Street in Sunbury.

"All of a sudden there was gunfire and I was like what happened? Normally, we hear that stuff around here, but that was a louder bang so it sounded closer," said Charity Miller of Sunbury.

Police in Sunbury tell us the victims are a husband and wife who were going through a divorce. The woman was headed into work when her estranged husband came up to her car in a parking lot and shot her in the shoulder while she was still in her car. He then turned the gun on himself. The woman is recovering. Her husband died.

The Northumberland County coroner identified the husband as Charles H. Bechtel, 56, of Millerstown.

"It's amazing that this would happen in the open like this, you know? Usually something like this happens inside," said Marion Carter of Sunbury.

Carter found out about the shooting on his way into the post office. It's just across the street from the parking lot where the shooting happened.

"I didn't know anything until I pulled up here," Carter said.

Jason Marks works at Totem Tags just across the street.

"Every time there's a shooting or stabbing in Sunbury, I can't wrap my head around it. To me, growing up here that's not our community. That's not what happens," Marks said.

With several people headed to work at the time of the shooting, he's glad it wasn't worse.

"Especially nowadays, you hear shootings all the time and this is, it shouldn't happen. It's a tragic event, but at least it was contained. It was two people instead of multiple people because they all go in together, and they all go into work at the same time, and if he wanted to he could have shot a bunch of them before he turned the gun on himself," Marks added.


  • 🤔

    Thank God she wasn’t hurt worse than she was. People now a days are pretty crazy. I’m glad I don’t live anywhere near there. Wayne county is pretty quiet. I’ll take hick town over any city any day!

  • norry4life

    No biggy a little shooting, Amazon corporate might move here soon. The bid is in. Amazon needs 50,000 sklled workers with degrees. If you don’t include teachers and wasteful govt jobs the entire region might have150.

  • We're not in Mayberry any more

    “”Every time there’s a shooting or stabbing in Sunbury, I can’t wrap my head around it.” The key phrase in that sentence is ‘every time’ as in – the implication that it happens a lot, which it does. Welcome to the new normal – no place is the place we grow up any more.

  • finally!

    Finally, someone that almost got it right! Dear shooters – please follow this mans lead, but instead of leaving home – just off yourself where you are and don’t take anyone else out. You’ll be a hero!

  • 🔫🔫

    Shot his wife cause she wasn’t giving him no sex and no money for drugs! 🙅 He shot 🔫himself cause he lived in good ole Sunbury and was a die hard Braves fan! Yeah I would shot myself too if I lived in Sunbury and was a Braves fan 😂😂😂

    • Hedley Lamarr

      It was the scene from Blazing Saddles – “Hold it! The next man that makes a move, the n* gets it!”

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Where’s the story on the tranny who molested the 10 year old girl in the “sanctuary bathrooms” in Wyoming??

      • KIP

        Sunbury is the county seat of norry. But not as strange as the skook. There is even strange dogs in the skook. who roam the back alleys. it is truly a creepy place

      • Coal crackers

        Yeah the Skook is like no other. Very creepy. Maybe NBC Dateline’s Chris Hansen can get in there and shake it up a bit. Heck, send Anderson Cooper in there. If his remains don’t appear behind the Frackville Vo-tech in the woods, maybe I’ll stop through and take my family on doors locked only street tour.

      • berrios

        Coal crackers, it would be no challenge in frackville or surrounding areas for Chris hansen, he would have 100 twisted roamers and 100 drunk people within hours. He could set up shop at a cheap half-double anywhere in town.

      • Coal crackers

        Berrios, You the man! Your posts are awsome! Please continue. Don’t let my name “coal crackers” be deceiving. I’m not a black guy busting on whites, I’m a white guy who has been to Skuylkill county before and would rather lie on a pile of dog shit for the night than I would to spend one night in the Skook.

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