Leaves Slow to Change in Parts of NEPA

JIM THORPE -- Vibrant fall colors fill many of the trees near Tannersville. However, if you travel south you'll find a lot of the trees are still green.

"Driving up we could see a lot of the color and stuff, but it would have been nice if we could see a little more yellow added to the red and orange," said Linda Jencson, Telford.

Experts at Carbon County Environmental Education Center tell Newswatch 16 the lack of color has to do with the weather. Jennie Carl says in order for leaves to change, warm days and cold nights are needed.

"Different areas are experiencing different things depending on the amount of water and the cold," said Carl.

People come from all over to see the leaves change colors but in certain parts of the Poconos, like Jim Thorpe, a lot of the trees are still green with just a little bit of color starting to peek through.

A cold snap expected next week may cause more leaves to change color, but those colors may not be as vibrant as in past years.

"I think there will be some turning. I don't think it will be that beautiful blaze of color we all have our fingers crossed for, but I think it will certainly happen the same way. The trees will start to shut down nutrients will be shut off and the leaves will slowly start to die," said Carl.

Terry Potter is visiting from Oklahoma. He says he was surprised to see certain trees full of color and some others still hunter green.

"We are pretty flat in Oklahoma, so we aren't used to this. I would have liked them to have a little more color, but we can't control that," said Potter.

According to the fall forecast, many parts of Monroe County are at peak color, but in Carbon County, projected peak color is expected by next Friday.

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