Customer Tackles Would-be Bank Robber in Lackawanna County

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SCOTT TOWNSHIP -- Police say a man tried to rob a bank but didn't get very far when a customer took matters into his own hands.

According to police, John Ryall, a 38-year-old homeless man, walked into the Honesdale National Bank on Chapman Lake Road in Scott Township around noon Friday.

Police said the man wearing a ski mask and sweat suit raised a handgun and walked up to a teller and demanded money.

Investigators said a customer saw what was going on and slammed the would-be robber into a wall, then got the gun and money away from him and ripped off the robber's ski mask.

According to court paperwork, the suspect ran away from the bank. A Scott Township police officer chased him through a neighborhood and tackled him.

Scott Township's police chief then handcuffed and arrested the accused robber, who is now behind bars.

Police said Ryall lived in Luzerne borough in Luzerne County before he was homeless.

According to police, Ryall said he tried to rob the bank because he "needed money for his kid."

Ryall faces charges of robbery, six counts of reckless endangerment, terroristic threats, aggravated assault, three counts of simple assault, possession of an instrument of a crime, and theft.


  • Aggrivated

    Needed money for his kid… I call BS on that! He didn’t give a crap about any of his kids. It was all for the almighty high. He is a big waste of space. I feel bad for his kids. But they have lived their lives without anything from him their whole lives anyways.

  • Yuiki Is A Thin-Skinned Crybaby

    Amazingly, Yuiki can still breathe with all those one-eyed trouser snakes stuffed in his mouth.

  • psakref

    There’s nothing wrong with your judgement. Not long ago a teller got fired for not handing over the money to a robber.

  • yuiki

    Yeah the guy that stopped the robbery he’s a theif from Luzerne County and he hates competition and he got so mad he snapped

  • Grateful citizen

    Wow, some of you people are nuts. There are great people who work there. Mothers, grandmothers, friends. Thank you, whoever you are, for protecting them.

  • Real tough guy

    No, no, no you fool. You’re bank didn’t “help” you do anything. A bank is a business. YOU “helped” the bank make money. Youre bank played you like a dummy and stole from you. (Interest) Keep your azz out of debt and pay cash like myself and you won’t have to worry about a bank robbing you.

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