Arrest Following Bomb Threat at Technical School

NORWEGIAN TOWNSHIP — An 18 year old has been arrested for a bomb threat at a technical high school in Schuylkill County.

State police say Dominick Cassilli of Frackville drew a picture of a bomb and a building on a piece of toilet paper inside of bathroom at Schuylkill Technology and Training Center South near Pottsville on Monday.

A custodian found it after students left for the day.

A search of the building turned up nothing.

Troopers say Cassilli admitted on Tuesday to writing the note.

Cassilli was arraigned Thursday on charges of threat to use weapons of mass destruction and terroristic threats.


  • Lance

    The fine should be the cost of the school being sgir down as well as the cost of law enforcement looking for the bomb. Garnish this idiots pay until he is an old man if that is what it takes. Maybe others won’t think this is funny if you hit them where it hurts. Plus a good smack on the side of his head would be a good start too!

    • Skidmarks

      I don’t agree Lance. If I cleaned my bottom and a wafer of tissue accidentally fell on the floor unknown to me, some could possibly consider that a weapon of mass destruction. Would I be financially responsible? I would hope not!

      • Lance

        Well that may be true. But this kid admitted to writing the note. In this day and age threats like this are not a joke. He left it behind for it to be found. At his age 18 he should’ve known better. So he has to face the seriousness of his actions.

      • Bluto

        If you wiped your butt with a picture of a bomb and a layout of the school. You should really check where that tp is coming from. So it wasn’t a mistake.

  • El Ma

    really? flagging more comments, wnep? Which word made the flag go up? What words can be used as an alternative?

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