Wilkes-Barre Mayor Fires Police Union Vice President Over ‘Threatening’ Email

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WILKES-BARRE -- A Wilkes-Barre police officer is off the job after sending what the mayor felt was a threatening email regarding the performance of another commander.

According to that Facebook post, Wilkes-Barre Police Union Vice President Dan Duffy is out of the job as a Wilkes-Barre police officer.

Mayor Tony George fired the former Scranton police chief Wednesday night after receiving what he calls a "threatening" email from Duffy.

This isn't the first time the city's administration and police force have gone head to head.

The police union says the firing of Officer Duffy is another example of the witch hunt against union officials and members of the department.

A post on the union Facebook page shows the former Scranton police chief was fired after sending what Wilkes-Barre Mayor Tony George thought was a "harassing" email.

In that email, Duffy accuses a police commander of acting unfairly over an attendance issue with another officer, writing, "the manner in which your commander is acting is unprofessional, inappropriate and insulting to the profession."

Duffy went on to say this wasn't a personal attack on the commander but if the city doesn't do something now, it could seriously hurt in the future, writing, "your failing to act on a problem 'laying in wait' may be a costly one, both tangibly and intangibly."

No one at city hall would speak to Newswatch 16 about this, saying city officials do not comment on personnel matters but in the email, Mayor Tony George fired back saying, "I do not appreciate being threatened," and that the commander acted appropriately because, "as far as he knew, the officer failed to show."

This is the latest clash in the ongoing battle between the administration and the police force. About two weeks ago Wilkes-Barre City Council decided to look into how the police force operates.

"It's an unhealthy situation. it's dysfunctional, obviously. I think that's a kind word with where we're at now," said council member Bill Barrett. "We need to do something about it."

The union plans to appeal officer Duffy's firing.


  • JessicaInWilliamsport

    How is pointing out that letting a problem go rather than dealing with it will cause worse problems in the future “threatening” or “harassing”? In reality, it was good of him to let management know and try to work out the problem at the local level instead of having to go through the grievance process and likely losing after wasting time and money on something that could have been avoided. What an idiot…… this is not going to turn out well for him LOL

  • Lance

    That was a threat? The mayor is a bubbling idiot. The chief will get his job back. Because considering the crime in wilkesbarre, no one can fault the police for trying to contain the low life pond scum they deal with each day. The mayor should resign !

  • Waste, Fraud & Abuse

    WOW, Dan Duffy struck gold with this! The stupid mayor and bimbo chiefy poo are on the fast track to “The Hall of Shame!

  • Stupid Mayor

    Well obviously the Mayor is really lacking intelligence. Duffy will get his job back and a nice chunk of vacation money to go along with it. And with that being said, to all the Wilksbarre Officers that read this comment, don’t stop fighting for what’s right. Your job is hard enough on those streets then dealing with crooked politicians to boot. Good job Mr. Duffy….as always….good job!

  • ain'ta or no

    Sounds like the mayor fired the righteous officer because he is in bed with rlthe commander. What was threatening to the almighty mayor. Hey Tony, you are just a mayor. Get over yourself. Clown without the makeup..

  • Mac Daddy

    This what happens when you allow a so called Chief of Police to make it up as She goes! Its clear they see Dan Duffy as a swamp drainer.

  • yuiki

    Let this be a lesson for the awesome people of Lackawanna County….. Don’t deal with lowwwww life loserne County

  • Bill

    Where is the email see what this pushy thinks is threatening. I think it is threatening that they let all these losers live in once a nice town . F all government

  • warningfakenews

    We don’t know if that’s the entire “threat” but if it was then there will likely be a settlement coming to this officer.

    There’s not enough information in this story to understand just what’s taking place there or why. There seldom is with this station.

  • III%

    So the mayor was threatened and I’m sure after this traumatic experience the city will pay for counseling and have to purchase a emotional support dog and have his man card revoked

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