Water Problems Worry Mifflinburg Residents

MIFFLINBURG -- A letter sent to people in one part of Union County has many of them wondering if their drinking water had been contaminated.

The problem involved a piece of equipment that helps to monitor the water in Mifflinburg.

About three weeks back the equipment did not work for four days, but the borough's water system just notified people about the problem this week.

"What really happened is that we had some equipment that failed to report the chlorine levels, the chlorine residual levels in our system," said Mifflinburg borough manager Margaret Metzger.

The letter explains that about three weeks ago, a piece of monitoring equipment at the borough water system was turned off for four days. About 1,800 homes and businesses are just getting that letter now.

"They're trying to make it sound like, 'oh, it's not that bad,' but this letter says it's bad," said Mifflinburg resident Ginger Trench.

The letter warns that inadequately protected water could contain disease-causing organisms but state environmental officials and the borough say the public was never in any danger.

"During that time, we still do a daily grab sample where we test the chlorine residual and in the days questioned it was within the normal ranges at that time as well," Metzger said.

Even after hearing the borough's explanation, some customers are still upset about how long it took them to find out.

"To notify us later, that's not them," said Ken Walter. "If they are going to do something, they always notify the residents of the borough and I'm just upset with that."

"I understand that everybody makes mistakes but what are you going to do for us for this mishap that happened?" Walter added.

Some of the people served by the Mifflinburg borough water system want to be reimbursed for that time when the chlorine monitoring system was not working.

There is no word from the borough if that could happen.