Threat To High School Causes Concern for Parents and Students

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TROY -- A police SUV sitting outside the Troy Senior High School is not something parents and students in Bradford County usually see.

Both Troy police and state police were at the school Wednesday because of a threat against the high school.

“We identified several students. The rumors wouldn't identify a single student who said this and the rumor was that they were going to blow up the school with a gun today,” said Superintendent Charles Young of the Troy Area School District.

The superintendent and school officials along with police first learned about the threat after rumors spread on Monday.

The students in question were suspended for one day while police continued their investigation.

An automated call was sent to parents of the students Tuesday leaving classes half empty because of the threats.

Charles Young has been superintendent here for eight years and tells Newswatch 16 he never expected something like this.

“Some nervousness and apprehension naturally after the Newtown shooting several years ago, but this type of event, no I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Young.

Although some parents still sent their kids to school on Wednesday they still are concerned about the threat made against the high school.

“It really does scare me, I would rather my kids stay home today I had no idea what the threats were about or what was going on,” said Ellen Raymond.

“It's very frustrating it's very disruptive and it will take a little while to reach equilibrium and balance,” said Young.


  • Silverfish Imperetrix

    SUSPENDED FOR ONE DAY? The little twerps should still be in Juvie while their class is graduating! With no adequate penalties you can expect more stunts like this.

  • III%

    No Lloyd Bradford County has plenty of amateur chemist some are proficient they can do it driving down the road

    • Al from Alba

      Bradford county hasn’t had a major drug dealer round up it probably 10 years yet drugs run rampant. When there is a major drugbust, it occurs days before an election.

  • III%

    My son attends school there and according to him the news knew more than the students I never even knew about it until I read it on WETM CHANNEL 18 NEWS which I might add is a very informative news organization unlike others we won’t mention coughwnepcough !!! And since WETM CHANNEL 18 NEWS did some in depth reporting they also mentioned some alledged gang activity

  • gail a drake

    Sarcastic and stupid remarks like these are not needed. The “Not my school” and “country bumpkin” remarks just show how Illiterate you people who are posting really are. Stop … Think … and grow up!

    • i_see_crazy_people

      Truth, given the fact that kids in the cities were shooting and shanking each other at school years ago..
      Young comparing Newtown to this situation is kind of like comparing apples with artichokes, not even the same family..
      Lanza was a schtitzo and very evil.
      Either these are just a bunch of lazy kids stirring up trouble and tall tales to get out of going to school, or the rumors of gang activity are true. But, what gangs? You all don’t have the crips, bloods, and MS 13 right?
      So the gangs are swastika tattooed-head shaven-gunrunning-meth addicts?

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