Peak Fall Colors in the Poconos

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JACKSON TOWNSHIP -- During this time of year, you'll catch plenty of people hanging out at Big Pocono State Park near Tannersville.

Take a look at the views and you'll understand why.

Natasha Pile from Stroudsburg came to relax and look at the fall foliage.

"Actually fall is my favorite time of the year so this is my time here. The colors are beautiful. I love the hues of the burgundy, the reds, the oranges and just how they mix together. It reminds you of a sunset as well, so I like this time of year," said Pile.

According to the fall forecast, we are at peak color in many parts of Monroe County.

Leonard Palmer from Stroudsburg came to take pictures while the colors are vibrant.

"There are some beautiful colors like right over there. You can see the trees are orange and red so it's definitely getting there," said Palmer.

You can see the leaves and trees for miles at Big Pocono State Park and plenty of people come to do just that each fall. Some are even seeing the views for the first time.

Shaniece Cole is visiting from New Jersey. She says the scenery is something she's never seen before.

"Yeah, they are very vibrant. I was saying that while we were driving up here. You can definitely see the difference in the colors for the season," said Shaniece Cole, New Jersey.

The change in scenery is a big attraction in the Poconos each year.

People come from near and far to see the colors.

"This area has a lot to offer which most areas do not and it makes it unique and that is what people will travel for. They will travel to get to the unique," said Palmer.

Peak color times in many parts of the Poconos will run through October 24.