Officers, Workers Testify about Walmart Parking Lot Shooting

WILKES-BARRE -- Police officers took the stand Wednesday in a trial of a man accused of opening fire on law enforcement in a Wilkes-Barre Township Walmart parking lot.

In court, witnesses who testified say they haven't been the same since Scott Sargent started shooting two years ago in that Walmart parking lot.

Prosecutors say Sargent started firing at police officers two years ago with a semi-automatic rifle in a Wilkes-Barre Township Walmart parking lot.

Zachary McNeill was an employee and witnessed it all.

"I was trying to become a master mechanic, but ever since that point, I kind of abandoned the automotive field. I don't feel like I'll ever be in an environment that doesn't remind me of that," McNeill said.

Stacy Bouton's family says they, too, still feel the impact of that shooting to this day. She came into court with her son to support her husband, Wilkes-Barre Township Police Officer Brian Bouton. He testified that he knew officers' handguns were no match for Sargent's rifle so Bouton got closer to Sargent as he was firing at police, giving cover to other officers but then, his windshield was shot.

"I had some of the other officers tell me what a hero he was for putting his life out there for them, and a few of them did say they didn't know if he was alive or dead," Stacy Bouton said.

Officer Bouton's car stopped, but he reacted immediately, and he was not injured.

In court, he testified, "I ducked and no sooner did I go towards the center of my vehicle, when a bullet went through the windshield and through the headrest. If I was still sitting up, it would've been my right eye."

"To think that he could actually do something like that I couldn't even justify. So for me, as far as justice would be him going to jail for life," Stacy said.

A number of other law enforcement officials testified, including Wilkes-Barre Police Officer Alan Gribble. He was able to end the incident by shooting Sargent in the abdomen.

Defense attorneys indicated in opening statements that Scott Sargent may take the stand in his own defense. The trial is expected to resume Thursday morning.


  • Silverfish Imperetrix

    It’s a shame the Cops didn’t take their good ol’ time securing the crime scene after the POS was hit, and let him bleed out.

  • look in the miror

    another good ol’ boy. But of course it’s the “illegals” and “city transplants” that are the ones ruining the region. C’mon give me your “thumbs down”! I love it.

    • Like I see it

      White trash has always existed in all areas of PA. The nice thing about them was everybody knew who they were, and the cops would pick them and and have them do some civil service every now and then. I’d be willing to bet even this loser held down a job and paid his bills and taxes. The trouble that most of us have with the illegals and imports are – you don’t know who they are – the cops get harassed for picking them up – and most of them don’t work or pay taxes. So they sponge off the system, unlike this nut job until he decided to turn in his full deck. Nobody is denying the existence of local Caucasian crime. It’s the crime committed by those that contribute nothing to society but a burden (at an overwhelming percentage per capita) that bothers us. I voted you up, by the way.

      • look in the miror

        “….and most of them don’t work or pay taxes..”. You see, that just is not true. People come here to work. In fact it is easier for them to “sponge” off their home countries that generally have public housing and public health – I know I’ve lived many years in Latin America. There are entire industries in the US (e.g. agriculture, hotel, construction) that are deeply dependent on them. Funny how you never see a push by the GOP to punish the companies that hire them (including trump). Yes, many work under table but many do pay taxes and social security which they will never see the benefits of. This is all well documented by the Congressional Budget Office which claims that 70-80% of them pay taxes and pay about $7 billion dollars per year into social security — WNEP does not allow links here. By contrast, trump paid zero for the last 15 years at least. But yes, you are correct, there is also trash among them just like there is plenty of white trash that fills these pages with stories of horrific crimes. But there are a vast majority just looking for the opportunity to work hard doing things that Americans won’t do (like bent over on their backs 10 hours planting and picking lettuce or cleaning toilets in a hotel) and live in peace.

      • Silverfish Imperetrix

        President Trump’s 2005 taxes WERE released (illegally, I might add) via MSNBC and he paid $38 million dollars on $150 million dollars, and that’s just one year. You’re a liar and that invalidates your whole post. Have a nice day.

      • Givemeabreak

        Hey Silverfish you ever think he might have been the one who let them leak. Maybe it’s the only year he paid taxes. Of course we won’t know the truth until he does release all of his returns. What does he have to worry about if everything is on the up and up?

      • Givemeabreak

        Hey Like I See It, You still manage to be racist in your comment. Somehow white trash is still better than the thugs. Trash is trash. But by your logic being white still gives a leg up on them and having a job now makes one shooter better than another.
        Very interesting stuff. I know I prefer to be shot by someone with a job.

      • Silverfish Imperetrix

        You’re stretching things there, don’t you think GiveMe? I’d say that a globally-known businessman / personality / billionaire would have all of his tax duckies in a row, and that year was wholly representative of his taxes in general. The fact that he doesn’t want to release the rest of them is his business, along with his income.

      • yuiki


        I would never leave the United Suckers of America free money and so many ways to get over on the system. And that’s exactly why everyone from all the different countries come here

  • seen it all

    What imbeciles , Bet you couldn’t fix a moped – try Fishing supply , then you could be a master baiter . You were a failure as a target too – he missed . Boo hoo you coulda been famous !!

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