Man Charged With Attempted Homicide After Shooting His Daughter’s Boyfriend in the Groin

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WEST MAHONY TOWNSHIP -- A Shenandoah man was arraigned Wednesday afternoon on charges of attempted homicide and assault.

According to police, gunfire erupted early Sunday morning at the Motel 6 just outside of Frackville.

Troopers accuse Donald Jenkins Jr., 40, of bursting into room 49 where his daughter, 20, had been staying with her boyfriend since Friday.

Jenkins, according to police, got into an argument with the boyfriend before pulling a gun and shooting him in the groin.

Housekeeper Lisa Mowery was cleaning the room next door.

"And I heard a whole bunch of noises and I thought he was like getting beat up, but when I head the big bang, I knew it was a gun. I knew it was a gunshot," said Mowery.

Mowery says she gave the victim towels to help stop the bleeding.

"He was in there crying and moaning and he was saying please help me, you know."

Troopers say Jenkins was upset that his daughter was dating the man.

The victim was taken to a hospital but by the time police arrived at the motel, the suspect was long gone.

He hadn't been seen until police in Schuylkill County announced his arrest Wednesday afternoon.

Jenkins is facing numerous charges. The most serious of which is attempted homicide.


  • Wnepviewer

    That chief bell in frackville has solved lots of major crimes. I think it’s time Joey Schnedecker gets one on one with him for a candid interview. Bring back Renick for the photo shoot!

  • warner

    Hey man, the frackville mini football team is undefeated and krispy crunchy chicken took over the old unimart. Things are getting better in town!

    • billy double-U

      Wow, so north schuylkill might win a playoff game someday?!! Just stay away from this mans daughter.

      • RJELQ

        North Schuylkill never wins the big game and probably will blow it in the play offs in 2028. But they still are better than Shendo, How they still have a team is quite amazing.

  • Rapper Stevie

    SEDCO came and they took without giving, doo-doo-dooo… there are some of the sexiest people walking these Frackville streets and they don’t got digits cause they ain’t got no phone but hey, they DTF AF. Bring it bring it drop it like its hot taste my candy roll. 462 in Frack like moles on people near Englewood fire co

  • seen it all

    Trying to protect daughter from destroying her life with scum in an area of scum , Were drugs involved ? Give Dad a medal ! There are so few black dads , and even less cool ones .

  • kip

    The frackville motel district continues its ritzy reputation. The downtown is dead, the mall has closed. anyone know if the celebrity room has reopening plans?

    • Mmmetch

      The celebrity room is only used for slam-slams now. Fire dept boys and other handsomes that walk around. Keep the windows closed and don’t touch the bvd pile

  • Berrios

    The entire area is a complete joke. The only one who benefits here in the decline is overpaid teachers and corrupt govt leaders.

  • Berrios

    The entire area is a complete joke. The only one who benefits here in the decline is overpaid teachers and corrupt govt leaders.

  • Shenandoah Splinters

    If you don’t think this is drug related? WNEP even coined the term “Shenandoah Splinters” in a previous article and this has all of the ingredients- shitty motel, barely a police presence for real criminal activity, some free wifi, and a Yelp rating of “5th amendment”. This is the kind of thing that happens when borough councils pressure the $10/hr police force to write fines for nonsense directed at the working class until they finally leave due to high risk of crime and being targeted as criminals themselves. That’s SMOKING HOT LOGIC. More prescriptions for Welfare cases, more contempt for the workers that now want to leave or their dicks might get shot off. SMFH

  • You old fool

    So much for the idiots that thought he wouldn’t get charged with attempted homicide. Yep, big tough guy, daddy’s going to make a point. Guess what, daddy is going to the joint and the victim will be getting ‘nursed’ by baby.

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